How to Sell a Home Without a Realtor?

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So, you a home on your hands that you inherited and are interesting in selling at best prices? Well, there are practically many ways for selling your house with hiring a real estate agent being a preferred choice for many people across the world. However, did you know that you can actually save 7% of the total sale price that your real estate agent will charge as commission? So, if you want to sell your house at best price and save real estate agent commission, here are some quick ways to sell your house.

Sell to a Cash Buyer

There’s a reason why selling with companies like ‘we buy houses in Oregon is a smart choice. They are investment companies that are often looking for properties that are in better locations. They will visit your place, analyze the property (please note that the property’s physical condition doesn’t matter to them) and offer you best price as per its location.

They understand the real estate market because they are locals so you can be sure of getting the best price that is based in the current market trends. And they will handle the paperwork so you just need to enjoy the deal and get your money quickly deposited to your bank account without any delay. So, if you want to receive a fair price for your property without any delay, then you should consider finding a trusted we buy Oregon houses agency.

Price the Home Practically

Of course, it’s your property and you would want to sell it at the best price possible. However, it is never a smart idea to price your property higher than the real estate market trends. Doing so could jeopardize the entire situation. You may need to wait for months or years for having interested buyers, who may even want to negotiate highly.

There are many online property welling platforms that you can see to check the current market value, but they aren’t entirely accurate. So, whatever price you come to, it is important to be realistic and practical.

Prepare it for sale

In case you are planning to sell your property on your own, it is very important that you make it presentable. Remember that the end buyers will want to go with properties that are good looking. Remember, beauty attracts! So, buckle up yourself and identify the areas that are damaged at your property. You should begin preparing your property for sale by repairing the damaged parts. In case you want really good value for your property, you can do some additional changes like modify your kitchen, install patio in the backyard, etc. 

Additionally, you can also choose to go with deep-clean the house, shampoo the carpets, clean tile or linoleum floors, etc. to make it looking new and shining. Remember, the physical condition of your property is what the potential buyers will notice, so make to prepare it well so the buyers are encouraged to close the deal.

Know the Selling Points of Your Property

Every property is unique so you must identify the best points or Unique Selling Points (USPs) that may help your property quickly without the help of a real estate agent. When writing the advertisement to attract buyers who are offering Portland cash for houses, make sure to include these USPs like numbers of bedrooms, numbers of bathrooms, area of backyard, building materials, property size, property location, etc.

These USPs will help you attract more potential buyers through these property listing websites as they often go through the property details before short listing them.

Market Your Property

In order to attract more buyers, you must present it to them. The best and most cost-efficient ways are to list your property on the online property selling platforms, print pamphlets, spread words of mouth, etc. When marketing your property in the market, it is very important that you write everything possible regarding your property so the potential buyers know everything about it before making a call to you. 

Since you are not selling through the real estate agents, it will help you save your money as you are not going to pay anything as commission to these real estate agents.

Final Words

The above-mentioned tips are just to give you a brief about the methods you can follow to sell your property without the help of real estate agents, however selling with a cash home buyer company is often the easiest way to go with. These companies aim to make selling your property an easier process. And since they will handle everything related to the property selling process, you can simply enjoy the cash that you get by selling your property through the cash home buyers.

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