SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) Roles and Responsibilities


On this page, we are going to discuss SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) Roles and Responsibilities but before that, we must know the meaning of SAP PM, a key module of SAP. The scope of SAP PM is rising day by day and many companies want to recruit candidates having done SAP PM Training in Noida or SAP PM Training in Delhi or from any other state. That’s the reason why people want to learn SAP PM Online Training course from the best SAP Training Institute.

What is SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)?

SAP PM is abbreviated as System, Applications, and product – Plant Maintenance. An SAP PM a key module of SAP ERP central component (ECC) and it is a software product that manages all activities of maintenance in a company. SAP Plant Maintenance helps for implementing assessments, maintenance operations, and corrections. SAP PM also reports SAP issues, manage the inventory, schedule of worker and track the rates.

Due to the diversified functions, there is widespread implementation of SAP PM into the business. This is the main reason that there is a rising of vacancies in job roles of SAP PM in many companies across industries sector. SAP PM is divided into many roles where the candidate can apply as per their interest, experience, and pay scale.  Now, go through the roles of SAP PM through which the organizations recruit and responsibilities that expect by companies from the selected candidate.

SAP PM Roles

Maintenance Manager: The maintenance manager is accountable to monitor the cost, expenditure, and other maintenance responsibilities stemming from updates of maintenance. In it, the manager tracks all operations of maintenance in business and it is liable to control all functions. In the plant maintenance section, maintenance manager is accountable for all staff management process that involves roles recruitment assessment and assigns duties to service vendors and distributors.

Maintenance Planner: it is accountable to plan maintenance operations based on pending loss stats. It is liable to improve maintenance demand, size, order structure, capital, and schedule of the task to be undertaken in.

Maintenance Engineer: it is accountable to draft up design for mechanical framework and validates technical antiquity productivity and service. The maintenance engineer is liable for master data material bills, maintenance timelines, and reminders in the plant maintenance system.

Technicians: it is accountable to work out routine maintenance activities. Many assignments orders provide to technicians and the day condition is delegated for repairing work orders.

Consultants: In-Plant Management Process, SAP PM Online Training Consultant considers to have the right expertise. Job expertise in Preventive Repairs, Factory Repair, Inventory Handling, Deterioration Maintenance, Proactive Maintenance, Restoration, and Contract Claim Management. Consultant requires to provide perspective on the development of machinery parts, BOM’s care, and working position arrangement. The consultant also implements protective repair, indicators, weighing ranges, assurances, and licenses. The consultant also plans configuration, rehabilitation, Maintenance scheduling that include updates, and operation instructions.

Responsibilities of SAP PM

  • For PM, company blueprint plan
  • Facilitate seminars for reaching company requirements
  • From the SAP PM viewpoint, Sort the company technological foundation
  • Optimize, Plan, update, and evaluate PM
  • Modifying for accomplishing the user’s demand
  • Recognize Problems, complications, and stress on remedies.
  • Interpret system prerequisites, the system configures, solution architecture, system monitoring, file transfer, user training, documents, and system integration.
  • Relevant operating system (OS) solution, define, authenticate, analyze, and monitoring client specifications.
  • From the SAP PM viewpoint, Sort the company technological foundation.
  • Create the suitable technique, expectations of the client, chart market wants, methods
  • Provide advisory services for both new executions and the current sustain system
  • Focus on self-governing and Self-directed, and it can operate as a relevant guide to more Jr Trainees.
  • Market process automation with Production planning, Material Maintenance, Controlling & Quality Management modules

So, guys hope you like this article. Here, we give an overall idea regarding the various roles and responsibilities of SAP PM.

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