How Does A Rojgar Mela Work?

mela work

A Rojgar Mela is basically a job fair, where a large number of job seekers and employers come together with the purpose of applying and selecting the right candidates for the various job profiles for jobs. This employment strategy fast tracks the whole process of job seekers meeting potential employers.

Rojgar Melas are usually held in large assembly halls with separate booths for each employer. The booths have tables with all the relevant information laid out on them in the form of brochures. This helps job seekers make decisions. One can find company representatives within these booths. These Rojgar Melas can be of various scales, ranging from 5-100 employers being present at one. Even the smallest Rojgar Mela usually has lines of job seekers waiting for their turn to be interviewed. 

The first thing one needs to know about interviews is that the first impression is the most lasting impression. This applies whether one is a fresh graduate or an experienced employee. An individual has to be good at introducing themselves. This can often be a challenge for people who are introverts or are not so good at communicating with others. It may be a good idea to practice this a lot before heading to a rojgar mela. Job seekers who have good communication skills always excel at landing good jobs, as opposed to the rest. If someone has poor communication skills then it is better to join personality development and GD/PI training programs to get selected in the job interviews.

During a rojgar mela, a job seeker has the opportunity to meet with multiple employers and find out what kind of job opportunities there are in different companies. If one is lucky enough, they can crack interviews on the spot and get a job. 

For people who are not outgoing, it is very challenging to go to such a large event with so many strangers, so it is advisable to take a close friend along, just for some additional support and familiarity. Although, there is no need to worry, as confidence can be developed with just a little bit of practice. 

The job recruiters usually make it a point to make the seekers as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips to help you. 

  • Practice introducing yourself to people, and with the time you will gain the confidence to face the interviewee during job interviews.
  • Do a lot of research on the companies you are interested in so that you are fully prepared for the whole process. 
  • Make sure you carry a lot of copies of your resume. 
  • Visit the company booths that are your first priority first. 
  • Have your elevator pitch ready. An elevator pitch is a quick synopsis of all your achievements and skills. An elevator pitch is usually 20-30 seconds long. Practice this pitch with friends and family to make it perfect.
  • Introduce yourself with a smile. A smile exudes confidence like nothing else. Be proactive and offer to shake hands with the recruiter to make a lasting impression. Make sure that your grip is firm.

AISECT has partnered with NSDC to hold Rojgar Melas to increase employability in rural areas. In 2018-19, Rojgar Melas were organized in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar. Within the initiative, career counselling sessions and skill development training are held for registered candidates. So far, more than 16,000 job seekers have participated with over 300 employers participating in the Rojgar Mela. 

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