5 Top Risks Of Knee Replacement

risk knee replacement

Osteoarthritis is a medical condition wherein the joint cartilage and the underlying bone suffers a breakdown and causes immense pain to the patient. Unless the condition is severe, the doctor often recommends physical therapy and medication to overcome pain. But if the situation worsens, the best option is to undergo a knee replacement surgery, which focuses on replacing the damaged cartilage and bone with an artificial joint made out of synthetic elements.

Generally, knee replacement surgery relieves the patient and assists him/her in carrying on their daily routine with more efficiency in the joint and no pain. But sometimes, these operations might lead to complications – moderate or severe.

Therefore, always consult your doctor before the knee replacement in India and learn about all such risks.

Following are the top five complications which are seen most commonly:

1.    Blood Clots

Often, the formation of blood clots takes place due to excess rest given to the operated limb, which slows down the blood flow. If the clot is in a deep vein of the leg, the condition is termed as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

The use of support stockings, exercises, blood thinners, etc. can help treat such a complication.

2.    Pulmonary Embolism

In case any of the blood clots breaks free and travels to the lungs, it can cause Pulmonary Embolism, a condition wherein the arteries get blocked.

Although, after reading into symptoms like chest pain and breathlessness, it is treated with proper medications as soon as possible. Only in extreme cases can it be fatal.

3.    Infection

Infections are a common risk of not only knee replacement in India but of every single surgery that takes place.

The internal part of the body is exposed to the outer environment, where innumerable bacteria reside.

It can be easily tackled through antibiotics. But if the wound is severely infected, it might also be because of your body rejecting the artificial joint, and hence, it will be taken out.

4.    Damage to Nerves/Arteries/Ligaments

There’s a slight risk that during the operation, damage may be caused to nerves, arteries or ligaments. If so the case, you might need to undergo another surgery to treat that. Therefore, always consult the best-skilled surgeon for knee replacement in India.

5.    Pain and Swelling

Another common risk that comes with knee replacement surgery is pain, often accompanied by swelling near the operated area, ankle or foot.

It usually persists for a short tenure and can be combated with the help of medications and therapies.

Besides these, other risks include breathing problems, allergic reactions, implant failure, stiffness, bone fracture, etc.


Every patient doesn’t need to have these complications. The risks also depend on the patient’s body as well as its ability to accept the artificial joint. The number of successful knee replacements is exceptionally higher than the ones with complications.

Consult your surgeon thoroughly before going for the surgery and follow all the advice properly. 

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