What Are The Common Risk Factors Of The Migraine?

migraine risk factors

Most people suffer from migraines and they do not have any idea how to stop them. The solution to stop these severe headaches can be determined by knowing its cause. There is no specific solution to stop these awful headaches, but it is possible to reduce them as much as possible. 

Main Causes Of Migraine

Doctors do not know what are the main reasons for migraines, but it is considered that these severe headaches take place due to an imbalance in brain chemicals. There is one nerve in your head known as trigeminal and it runs through your eyes and mouth. This nerve is responsible for feeling sensations in your face. This nerve is the major pathway to start a severe headache. Serotonin is a kind of chemical in the brain that may fall when a migraine starts. The trigeminal nerve releases certain chemicals known as neurotransmitters which will travel to your brain and will lead to pain. 

Main Risk Factors Of Migraine 

There are enormous factors that can be responsible for triggering migraine pain. Some of the risk factors of migraine are shown below:  

Your Genes

If anyone in your family gets migraine headaches, then you are at high risk of getting migraines. It is considered that migraine headache problems can transfer genetically.  

Age Of Person

Migraine headaches can start at any age, but most people get these severe headaches in their teenage. Gradually, the severity level of these headaches starts growing. It is considered that migraine headaches reach the peak level at the age of 30s. After that, the severity level of these headaches starts falling down. 

Your Gender

Migraine headaches are commonly observed in women. Various studies have revealed that women are at high risk of migraine headaches as compare to men. There is no idea why women are more likely to have migraine headaches.

Migraine Triggers

The migraine triggers can be described as those things that can kick start severe migraine headaches. Some of the migraine triggers are described below: 

  • Hormonal Changes : Due to the variation in estrogen hormonal levels, women receive migraine attacks. There are certain medicines such as birth control pills, hormonal pills, etc. that can trigger migraine headaches. But some women receive few migraine attacks when they take these medicines.  
  • Emotional Stress : Stress is also one of the biggest migraine triggers. Most people get migraine attacks when they are extremely stressed out. When we feel mental stress, then our brain starts producing certain chemicals in our brain. This chemical imbalance leads to a severe migraine attack. Along with stress, worry, fear and anxiety are also responsible for make migraine headaches worse. 
  • Certain Foods : Some migraine sufferers have reported that they have received severe headaches after eating certain kinds of food items. Usually, processed food, salty food, and aged cheese can lead to severe headaches. In addition to this, artificial sweetener aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) can also lead to severe headaches. 
  • Alcohol and Caffeine : Some people have complained that they git severe headaches after having a glass of wine. Alcohol and caffeinated products are also migraine triggers. Therefore, it is recommended that migraine sufferers should quit drinking alcohol and avoid consuming caffeinated items. 
  • Sensory Overload : Some people are also sensitive to bright light, noisy ambience, and strong smells. Thus, some people can get migraine headaches due to these factors. Sensory overload is a common migraine trigger in various migraine sufferers. 
  • Changes In Sleeping Pattern : If you are not able to sleep well, then you may normally get a headache. Migraine sufferers will get severe headaches due to improper sleep. Too much or too little sleep are also migraine triggers. Jet lag caused when we travel between the time zones and it also leads to severe headaches. 
  • Physical Strain : An intense regular workout such as rigorous exercise, or any other kind of physical strain can trigger migraine pain. But it does not mean that you stop doing workouts. You should stay physically active, but choose moderate pace exercise such as brisk walk. 
  • Changes in Weather : It is one of the biggest migraine triggers. With the change in weather, the air pressure changes and it leads to bad headaches. 
  • Too Much Medication : If you are a migraine sufferer and you take a certain kind of medication to control the pain, then you are setting yourself for a rebound headache. The doctors recommend avoiding taking excessive medicine because its overuse can lead to frequent headaches.

Final Words

Well, it is not possible to completely get rid of migraine attacks. Also, it is not possible to completely avoid these triggers. But some efforts will help in bringing significant difference. You should try to avoid triggers as much as possible to reduce the frequency of migraine headaches.

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