Get Uninterrupted Supply of Hot Water With Rinnai Hot Water System

rinnai hot water system

For countries like Australia which only witness mild summers and have mostly cooler climate, the hot water systems become a necessity. If you live in the southern part of the county, you just cannot make do with hot water systems. Rinnai has been a very credible name over the last two decades when it comes to home appliances.  The company has passed the test of time with flying colors. The Rinnai hot water system is one of the best that you can get in the Australian market. Most of their modern systems are electronic systems, and they have been a very good alternative for gas-based systems. 

Product Range 

The Rinnai products have divided its hot waters systems into two series. The first is the infinity series, which is their flagship offering. Several models with different capacities and features are available in this series. The second is Instantaneous series, in which they offer low demand models. They have a huge catalog to choose from, you can choose a product aligning with your needs and requirements. Their products are reliable. When you bring a Rinnai hot water system home; you also bring an assurance of quality.  

Infinity Series

As Infinity is their flagship product range, they have put a lot of effort into advancing this product line. Every product of this series has been designed very meticulously. All the products are world-class. Being a responsible company Rinnai has made sure that every Rinnai hot water system conforms with international environment laws about the industry. They have used low emission burners, but their products do not lack efficiency. They have Puretemp temperature technology, which is the brainchild of their research and development team. Puretemp technology promotes water conservation and stability. 


All the products of the Infinity series have six and above energy rating. The energy rating above five for heating and cooling solutions is considered to be very good. But the Rinnai hot water system has up the level in the field of energy conservation as well. All the products in this range have a precise temperature control feature. Meaning you will not have to hustle between and too hot and too less warm. The company understands that different individuals prefer different heating levels, that’s the reason in this range they have introduced advance temperature control technology. 

What’s New?

All the products come with a built-in operation monitor, so the user can always track the heat level and understand the heat level suits him. They have also introduced a touch system in this range. The product named Infinity Touch 26 come up with wireless temperature control. You can control the temperature of your Rinnai hot water system sitting in any part of your home.

Instantaneous Series 

The products in this series are compact appliances, made for low duty operations. The products in this range also come up with Puretemp temperature stability technology. The products in this range are gas-powered, so you do not need a power plug to run them. They are very handy to install in remote locations. All the products in this product line are very sleek in design, they have been designed keeping the contemporary homes in mind. They also come up with inbuilt Puretemp water delivery technology, which ensures constant outlet water temperature. Though the products are compact and sleek in design, yet products of this Rinnai hot water system have a great flow rate. They deliver a flow rate of at least 2.9 liters per minute. 

The Rinnai has been able to deliver efficient appliances laced with modern technologies at very competitive prices. Their obsession with customer service, make them stand apart. 

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