Specialized skills of Resume Writing in a Digital World

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Specialized Skills you must include in your Resume

We are living in an era of digital world where technology sees no limit. And there is no doubt that the corporate sector is becoming more competitive than ever to meet the pace of advancements. Companies now look for individuals with special skill sets to meet their corporate goals. Want to know what these skills are? Then, keep reading on. We will take you through some of the most in-demand specialized skills, which can ensure your resume ends up getting you an interview call.

But before we get down on the skills required to make your resume sell, you should remember an important thumb of rule – the template of the resume matters. A resume template is a key to displaying your profile in a professional and engaging way. Different fields require different formats. For example, if your background is in engineering, you should avoid using fancy fonts and other stylish elements. On the other hand, if you are a fashion designer, you can be as creative as you want with your resume.

But, regardless of your educational background and preferred position, your attributes and skills can help you meet the milestone. Most employees pay special attention to the skills section of the resume to see who should move on to the next hiring stage. In other words, the skills section is not something to ignore. So let’s dig in.

1. Technical Skills

With the rise of advancements in technology, there is a huge demand for tech skills.Technical skills refer to the ability to operate technological devices, software, tools, and machinery. Also described as hard skills, recruiters look for people who can multitask and handle the technical tasks of their organizations.The topic of technical knowledge is very broad. The skills expected from you largely depend upon your preferred position. For example, if you are applying to the software department, you must have an understanding of programming and application development. On the other hand, if you are applying for an administrative job, then you know how to use the computer and basic internet applications. But, overall, technical skills can greatly elevate your resume and profile.

2. Language Skills

Your ability to communicate is one of the basic things recruiters look for. But why are language skills such a big deal? Language skills hold great significance because it shows your capability to communicate with a diverse set of people while reflecting your culture-specific knowledge as well. Diversity is an increasingly recognized goal in many organizations and language skills in the resume gives the first impression of your diverse background to the recruiters. 

Many job roles are language-specific as well, requiring proficiency in certain languages. Before applying, you should research your organization and any language requirements in the job description to see if you cut the needs. You should also mention the level of your proficiency in each of the languages you know, that is, whether you are a native speaker or only know the basics of a language. In this way, you can avoid any sort of conflicting questions in the interview. 

3. Soft Skills

You may read any resume writing guide on the internet and find one thing common in all – soft skills, the interpersonal capabilities that every resume should show. Getting your dream job requires more than just technical or hard skills. Instead, communication, time management, teamwork, adaptability, creativity, and a plethora of other capabilities are important to survive in the corporate world.

In other words, soft skills are not only important for improving your resume but they are also paramount for progression in all the careers. They show your ability to deal with challenges in the work environment and meet the organization’s goals. In writing your soft skills, you should analyze your professional and personal competencies to see if you possess certain qualities.

4. Presentation Skills

Remember the time when you used to run away from presentations in college? Well, now those presentation skills will help you land your dream job. Whether you are aiming for a high executive position or just starting an internship, presentation skills can help you stand out. Presentation skills reflect the ability to deliver effective briefings, reports, and oral information to clients and colleagues. 

It is a key component of communication skills, which are highly vital for a plethora of positions. Presentation skills also show your capability of depicting research findings, analyzing data, and persuading the audience. Therefore, you should definitely include presentation skills in your resume, if applicable. 

5. Leadership Skills

If you are aiming for a high-level executive position, then your resume needs to look a bit different from the one you wrote before starting your career. Leaders are the aspirational individuals who have the ability to motivate the team, spearhead key initiatives, and attain the organization’s goals. 

Not everyone can be a leader and therefore, companies look for those who possess strong leadership skills. Leaders know how to pilot a vision and motivate people for its execution. From negotiation and commitment to emotional intelligence and integrity, there are myriad of leadership skills that can make your resume top-notch. 

The Final Takeaway

Getting a dream job is not an easy task, let’s face it. Not only do you require a handful of knowledge in the field, but also something different from the other candidates that show the recruiter why you are fit for the position. In such cases, the specialized skills mentioned above can add more layers of quality to your resume. Whether you know how to execute ideas in a cost-effective manner, lead versatile teams towards success, or solve problems creatively, the skills section can contribute to moving ahead. Good luck.

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