Does my personal car insurance cover rental cars?

personal car insurance

Renting a car is not an easy task it requires understanding the basics of how insurance works. Rental vehicles are your priority once you have taken control but do that mean your personal car insurance cover rental cars if any unforeseen activity takes place.

The rentals are affected by the situation you are driving in or your driving record that can lead to retaining additional rental car coverage. At the time of rental, car companies provide the contract to the customer having details of all the insurance options.

Research about your car insurance policy

The blind signing of the policy or trusting the insured person for the same can be a dangerous risk. As rental car fleets are already insured by car insurance and with all the coverages that make the drive worry-free for a longer period. Car insurance has higher deductibles for rental cars or any luxury vehicles that have huge costs.

The information about car insurance coverage can save you from bigger potholes and leads to savings. The collision and comprehensive coverage on the personal car policy cover the rental cars.

When you rent out the vehicle, you are entitled to pay the damages or any unforeseen events that take place when you are driving the rental car. The minor damages can be paid off rather than involving the insurance companies as it affects the claim history and when in the future you required it for the personal vehicle there might be a chance when you face issues with the same.

There is no point in claiming the policy on some rental cars until the damages are severe could drill a hole in your pocket. If you get in a situation like this consider calling theKimberly Car City and act according to their advice or repair the vehicle there.

Collision Coverage

The car insurance company name offers the collision damage waiver or loss damage waiver that costs less than a day.  If your policy has collision coverage use it to pay for damages if your vehicle holds lesser value than the rental car. As you won’t be able to pay the huge coverages of rental cars that it’s advisable to use collision coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides coverage from non-accidental issues and thefts. If you hold a higher collision coverage on the personal car insurance and if any difference arises ask for the rental car company.

Liability coverage

The personal car insurance policy has liability insurance that covers the damages in every state. It covers the bodily injury, property liability, medical costs, and much more that can save you from digging a hole in your pocket.

Should I buy additional rental car insurance?

  • If you own a minimum liability on personal auto insurance. The minimum coverage won’t be able to manage the expenses of the accidents.
  • The liability insurance covers the medical payments, property damage to rental cars. The collision or comprehensive coverage doesn’t pay for the damages unless you have taken the supplemental coverage.
  • If you hold a named non-owner policy. These policies don’t cover car insurance and can put you in imminent danger and costs thousands from your pocket on rental cars.
  • If you haven’t had personal car insurance, never invest in any sort of car dealings like leasing, or buying a new or used car for sale. This arises the situation of conflict that would increase the danger on one’s life and has huge bills for some other vehicle. Before you indulge in any kind of thing get insurance from Nash Chevrolet or a car insurance company.

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