Five reasons why you should learn to play a piano

The Piano was invented in the 1700s by an Italian instrument maker, Bartolomeo Cristofori. Despite being an ingenious invention, Cristofori’s artful and highly complex musical instrument was slow to catch the attention of people until and unless Queen Maria Barbara de Braganza of Spain bought it. After that, it was just a matter of time when there was no household in Europe and North America without a piano. Piano became the heart of every musical performance and still is.

If your underlying love for music has sent you here on this blog and you are looking for one reason to convince you about learning piano from the best piano teacher in San Jose, then hang in there because we have not only got you one but five reasons why you should learn to play a piano:

Improves physical health

learn play piano

Playing the piano is kind of a workout for your fingers. As you play piano regularly, your hand movement will become more agile and you will feel that your hands and arm muscles are much stronger than ever. Not only this, but it will also hone your motor skills and you’ll become better at using your both hands equally well as playing piano involves both the hands performing different actions, playing different notes and moving to different rhythms at the same time. Research has also shown that playing piano results in increased levels of human growth hormone (HgH) which helps in fighting different signs of aging, be it, body aches, reduced muscle mass or decreased strength.

Strengthens the intellect

If you think that you need to be smart to learn to play piano, we are more than happy to tell you that it is the other way round. Practicing piano improves your cognitive development, which is to say you’ll become better and creative at thinking. As you will be focussing on eyes, ears, fingers, feet, touch, rhythm, notes, tempo, keep time and much more at the same time, multiple areas of your brain will light up and you will experience increased concentration, balance, diligence and discipline in not only your San Jose piano lessons but also in your life at large. 

Decreases stress and anxiety

Concerning the fact that playing piano needs full focus, it keeps you busy preventing you from indulging in any negative thoughts. As a result, playing piano relieves stress and improves mood. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that pianists have lower risks of having depression and anxiety. You must have experienced how after a long hectic day at work listening to music can have a soothing impact on your mind, you can then imagine how beautiful it can impact your mind when you actually play the instrument. Playing piano can do more good than just diminishing your stress levels. It can build your self esteem and increase your confidence because you have mastered a skill not everyone possesses. 

Makes you more expressive and creative

Body language is not the only way to express emotions and this is something you learn when you play music. If you are not an emotionally expressive person, playing piano can be an outlet for you. You will become better aware and discover new things about yourself as well as learn to perceive the emotions of others. You’ll no longer need words to express your feelings and understand someone else’s. All in all, you can say that playing piano enhances your emotional intelligence.

Makes you a multi tasker

Playing piano will train you to juggle between different things efficiently. For instance, when you sit on piano, your eyes will be busy reading treble and bass clefs, fingers pressing different keys at once, feet pressing the pedals, mind remembering where all the notes are and identifying the right amount of  force to apply in pressing keys and so on and so forth. It makes all your voluntary body movements to perfectly coordinate and increase your split concentration. 

Practicing and playing piano can supplement each and every part of your life and we believe that it is reason enough for you to find yourself one of the best piano teachers San Jose and start learning today itself. Happy learning!