10 Reasons Why Classrooms Should Have Whiteboards

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All schools and institutions must invest in essential resources to promote education. One such tool is the wallboard used for writing purposes. Even a couple of years before, educational establishments used conventional blackboards for teaching students of all ages. However, evolving technology has changed this scenario.

Advent of whiteboard

These days, buying whiteboards online  are gaining more prominence. They are used in classrooms as they permit students to work as a team. It reinforces concepts with illustrations and diagrams and helps create presentations for lectures and discussions. Teachers can use it to enable effective student engagement, ensuring hands-on experience. It will be necessary to research such products to make a well-informed purchase.

Its history

The first type was called dry-erase boards. Albert Stallion and Martin Heit invented this tool in the 1960s. It had a surface that allowed writing on it using a specialized marker. Erase writings easily without not leaving behind any residue. Enamel-coated steel was the choice for new surfaces having a glossy-white finish. It gained popularity during the 1970s and 80s.

Increased usage

Over time, it became a staple in offices, boardrooms, and classrooms. Electronic whiteboards introduced in the 1990s revolutionized the industry. Such interactive whiteboards enabled users to draw and write digitally. It became easier to present and collaborate ideas.

Ten genuine reasons to invest in whiteboards

  • Wipe and reuse: You can wipe and reuse them easily. They are perfect tools for classrooms. Students can work on projects as a team without messing with the board. Teachers can erase notes written on the  board easily before starting the next lesson. The board supports practical exercises. Students may use it to work out diverse problems. They can rectify mistakes without hassle.
  • Durable and easy to install: They come in diverse sizes and can be installed easily. You can opt for a wall or a freestanding design based on your preferences. They don’t require expertise or special tools for installation. Being manufactured from superior-quality materials, they can withstand repeated use and still not show wear and tear. Less replacement will mean more savings.
  • Interactive teaching tool: They can help create diagrams or presentations if used along with a projector. It enables students to understand complex topics with great ease. Teachers can successfully involve students in the whole learning process. Students get the opportunity to work on the solutions and problems together. These boards enable group work, They provide ample space for all students to contribute and complete tasks on time.
  • Easy to maintain: They are easy to clean and maintain. In case it gets dirty, use some soap water and wipe it off gently using a clean,  soft cloth. There is no need to spend energy and time cleaning it every week. After every use, ensure it is wiped clean, and you are ready to start the next project.
  • Help visualize concepts: Students can visualize concept effortlessly. It can be used with illustrations and diagrams, thus making it a powerful tool to enhance learning and teaching. Students can even understand complex topics quickly. It enables everyone to view crucial information and interact with it. Students can copy illustrations and diagrams easily. Thus, learning becomes fun-filled.
  • Students love writing on whiteboards: The whiteboard makes students feel it is a large white canvas where they can write conveniently. It enables them to share their ideas with the whole class. Students also feel more keen to work on the board. Besides this, it allows them to engage and stay motivated especially during long discussions or lectures.
  • Memorize crucial information easily: Whiteboards are great tools as they enable students to learn complex information and memorize it quickly. They can write words and draw images. They can assimilate the information that they learn. They can recall images more easily than written ones. Thus, it promotes memorizing lots of information, thereby, improving their academic performances.
  • Keeps students organized: These tools enable students to stay organized. Teachers can write down crucial information on the whiteboard, enabling students to complete their tasks on time. These boards also act as a space to share ideas and notes. It is the perfect tool for classrooms as it helps students stay organized and keep track of their lessons.
  • Helps track student progress:

They enable teachers to track progress made by individual students. They can now write goals on the board for each student to pursue and monitor closely. They can even help students to understand difficult concepts. Thus, it enables target assistance while allowing students to learn effectively.

  • Used for diverse purposes: Besides writing, whiteboards serve multiple purposes, like creating diagrams or drawing images. Teachers use these boards to create mind maps. It enables students to understand complex topics and new concepts easily. Students can be used for playing interesting games. It promotes new information and fun.

A great investment

The truth is, that whiteboards are excellent investments for classrooms. These days, they are available in diverse materials, shapes, and sizes. It enhances creativity and communication.