PTE Reorder Paragraphs: Developing Your Logical Thinking and Time Management

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The PTE Academic test is designed to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in English language across a variety of skills such as reading, listening to, writing, and speaking. One of the most difficult tasks of the PTE test includes ‚ÄúReordering Paragraphs” or “Reorder Paragraphs” section, that tests the ability of a candidate to understand and organize information in a rational manner.

The section also tests the candidates’ time management abilities and ability to effectively arrange paragraphs to create an encapsulated text within a time limit. The blog in this article we’ll discuss strategies for achieving the best results on this “Reorder Paragraphs” task, emphasising the development of logic and time management to get a good score.

Strategies to Excel in the PTE Reorder Paragraphs

Understanding the “Reorder Paragraphs” Task in PTE Exam

When you take on the Reorder Paragraphs PTE assignment You will receive a chaotic collection of paragraphs from a selected passage. The objective is to arrange the paragraphs according to the proper order in order to produce a coherent and relevant text. The chapters cover a broad variety of subjects, making it necessary to comprehend the basic idea and recognize the flow of concepts.

Developing Logical Thinking

  1. Identify the Topic Sentence: The topic sentence introduces the central concept that the article. Search for clues such as keywords and repetition of ideas and the context in order to identify that topic phrase. When you’ve identified the sentence, you can make use of it as a point of departure to construct the logical flow of the subsequent paragraphs.
  • Examine Supporting Details: As you read every paragraph, be aware of the details that support it and to transitional phrases that connect ideas. Understanding how each paragraph is connected to the other can help you create an organized stream of knowledge.
  • Use context clues: Occasionally an article may not expressly state its place in the order. In these instances, you can use context clues such as timing expressions, cause and effect connections, and the evolution of concepts, to determine the correct sequence.
  • Logical Connectors: Logical connections, like “therefore,” “however,” “moreover,” “consequently,” and so on. They play an essential function in creating connections between concepts. Be aware of these connectors since they will assist you in arranging paragraphs that are logically.

Mastering Time Management

Practice Regularly: Consistently practicing is vital to develop how you manage your time to complete this “Reorder Paragraphs” task. Schedule study sessions in which you can solve some the questions in a sample format as you gradually raise the degree of difficulty.

Set Time Limits: When you the practice session, set time limits in order to simulate examination conditions. You must be able to complete the problem within the time limits set in the PTE exam.

Skim the Passage: Prior to trying to reorder the paragraphs, take a quick glance through the entire text to gain an overview of the text. This initial skim will allow you to become familiar with the themes that are presented and will save you time in the sorting process.

Divide and conquer:  When you are faced with a lengthy passage, break it into smaller parts to effectively manage your time. Each section should be tackled separately and then work to connect them.

Eliminate Distractors: In a few instances, you may find paragraphs that appear similar, but they are not necessarily in the right order. Make sure you recognize and eliminate distractions swiftly to avoid spending time on wrong choices.


Learning to master this “Reorder Paragraphs” task in the PTE Academic test requires a blend of the ability to think logically and time management. In order to improve your ability to discern the primary idea, look at the details that support it, and using logic-based connectors, you will be able to arrange your paragraphs in a logical fashion. In addition, regular practice in controlled conditions will improve your time management abilities and increase your confidence in the actual test. Be aware that developing these vital abilities will not only guarantee your success on the PTE test, but also provides you with the necessary tools to ensure efficient communicating in English language in real-world situations. Therefore, take on the challenge, train hard and perform well on this “Reorder Paragraphs” task to be successful in achieving your goal PTE score.