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corporate mail protaction

Organization of corporate mail at enterprises.

Today, with the widespread development of the Internet, e-mail has taken a rather important place in the business processes of both small businesses and large companies, which naturally led to the emergence of the concept of corporate mail.

Corporate mail is an indispensable assistant for business and the face of an organization: it helps to attract customers, carry on correspondence with contractors and partners, instantly exchange important documents, layouts and other files, guarantees timely receipt of important information, performs the function of an autoresponder. Corporate email allows you to separate the personal correspondence of employees from the official one, which allows you to minimize distractions from work. In addition, corporate mail allows the company’s management to control the correspondence of employees and manage the flow of information, reduce dependence on the human factor.

Organization of corporate mail in enterprises is possible in several ways, and as the company grows, you can go through all these methods, or go directly to the very last one:

  • Free email from postal services;
  • Named corporate mail on the site of the hosting provider;
  • Own mail server and named corporate mailboxes.

Internet agency “Klever” will help you implement any of the above options for corporate mail at your enterprise. The choice of one of the three solutions depends on the level of development of the company. To make the right choice of a solution for organizing corporate email, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of these solutions.

Free email from postal services.

This method of organizing corporate mail involves registering and using mailboxes on free Internet resources such as mail.ru, yandex.ru, gmail.com, etc. The main plus is free and easy to organize. But, alas, there are more cons:

  • firstly , the company’s image suffers – mailboxes have names with domain zones of mail services, for example [email protected], [email protected]. The use of such domains for corporate mail may raise doubts about the reliability of your business among your business partners.
  • secondly , the limited names of mailboxes – millions of users are registered on free mail services, which causes a shortage of names for electronic mailboxes, for example, [email protected] or [email protected] will definitely be impossible to register!
  • thirdly , the limited scope of mail service: the lack of the ability to fine-tune mail forwarding, anti-spam filters, autoresponders and dependence on the stability of the mail service servers.

If you are not confused by all these limitations and disadvantages, then this is your choice, it is simple enough for independent implementation of black mailer boxes and will not require large labor costs and financial costs.

Named corporate mail on the site of the hosting provider.

Many companies have their own website on the Internet, which means they have a domain name like www.ourcompany.ru and a place on the server of the hosting provider. The site itself is located on the server, and corporate mailboxes of the type: @ ourcompany.ru can also be located. With this scheme, you can create an unlimited number of named mailboxes with any.

You can work with such corporate email both through the web interface and through the mail agents TheBat, Outlook, Mozilla ThunderBird and others. Another plus is the ability to configure all kinds of redirects, for example, forwarding mail to [email protected] to all mailboxes of the organization’s employees. Servers allow you to manage antispam filters, manage mailbox volume quotas. There are not many disadvantages: there is no physical access to the server equipment, there is no possibility of fine-tuning the servers, because the server software is installed on the server of the hosting provider.

Internet agency “Klever” provides services for the provision of hosting sites for Internet sites with full support for corporate mail.

Own mail server and named corporate mailboxes.

To implement this solution you will need:

  • high-speed internet channel;
  • own physical server;
  • the operating system Windows Server or Linux installed on the server;
  • software for organizing a mail server, for example, MS Exchange Server;
  • purchased domain name;

Your own corporate mail server gives you complete freedom of action:

  • expandability of disk space;
  • creation of an unlimited number of mail accounts with any names and company names;
  • the ability to fine-tune anti-spam filters and redirects;
  • ease of backup;
  • independent control of server reliability;


  • relatively high cost of the solution – you will have to buy your own server and plan the costs of its administration;
  • dependence of both incoming mail and outgoing mail on the Internet channel, if the channel is not available, you will not be able to receive or send letters, but this minus should not affect your choice, since Internet providers are working quite stably today …

Corporate email is a very important tool for modern business and requires careful approach and planning in implementation and use. The specialists of our company will be happy to advise you in more detail about corporate mail, and will help you choose a solution suitable for your business.

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