Comparison between a protected and a non-protected company

Secure Sockets Layer

Cyber-attacks are one the most nightmare that all business sizes whether small or large fear about. Cyber-criminals by doing data breach and other malicious activities by breaking the security walls of business websites earn trillions every year. This is the main reason everyone is now focusing on cybersecurity. In the market area of every type of industry that has a large area to safeguard.

Most of the companies like in healthcare industries suffer from a type of data breach every year they are attacked by cybercriminals. They contain a large amount of data containing their customer or patient history of illness. Such organizations are mostly attacked by ransomware. Most companies are concerned about the security and safety of their website and data. There are some companies which are preferring and taking all the major steps for securing their websites whereas there many companies that are still in danger.

Secure Sockets Layer

In this blog, we will get to know about what are the companies who are protected and who are non-protected.

Here are some of the major differences between a protected and a non-protected company. Let’s dig in:-

Secure Sockets Layer

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that ensures the security, privacy, and authentication of the internet communication between the server and the browser. In recent years it has become one of the necessities and the most owning requirement for a website.

SSL uses an encryption method to secure the connection between the browser and the server. When talking about a protected website. This type of website has an SSL certificate within them. Whereas a non-protected website does not secure itself by SSL certificates. Best way to know whether the site is protected by an SSL certificate or not. You just need to check whether it has HTTP or HTTPS in the URL.

Why an SSL is necessary to protect your site?

SSL is essential to secure your important data and to protect it from attackers. Not to mention an SSL certificate installed in the website builds trust among the visitors. If your website demands log-in details or confidential details like credit cards and debit cards.

Your visitors must find your website secure to share the details with you. Many web browsers notify the visitors when they visit a non-protected site as not secure. This is due to non-availability of an SSL certificate installed which does not provide a good impression. 

In short, an SSL reduces the risk of data theft and other attacks.

Safeguarding the Ransomware 

No business whether small medium or large is protected against the most common attacks like ransomware. In a ransomware attack, your device or an important file gets locks or your data gets encrypted, your operating system locks, and after this attackers demand monetary benefits or ransom to return the data. 

The protected companies generally take initial steps to secure themselves from these types of malicious attacks. They work with pre-installed cyber-attacks detection software and applications and have a quality cloud backup solution. A protected site keeps all the necessary security software’s and applications upgraded. On the other hand, a non-protected website does not follow any prevention steps to safeguard them. 

Automated Cyber Attack Detection

Many protected companies use the newer technology of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to secure themselves from technological cyber threats. This is because cybercriminals have become more advance and are capable of performing automated attacks. The question arises how a non-protected company can deal with these automated attacks?  

A non-protected company should use advanced security solutions like a protected company do by having AI and ML. 

It is important for security solutions to be modern and advanced to fight AI-powered attacks.

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Employee Awareness

Many external attacks affect the working of a business. Moreover, according to research, it has been found that the most common causes of these attacks are internal threats. Yes, it is important to make your employees more and more aware relating the things of cyber-attacks and the benefits of cybersecurity. The employee of your organization can put at a high risk of threat due to unawareness of cybercrimes and their results.  

A protected company conducts regular training and awareness programs to minimize the internal threat which comes from within the organization. The IT department of such a company will focus on practicing the best cybersecurity tactics. And provide tips for guessing phishing emails and malicious links. On the other hand, non-protected companies do not focus on spreading such awareness among their employees and hence faces difficulties. 

Maintaining standards of GDRP

GDRP stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is the type of regulation that is formed to the right of business data protection and privacy. The companies that face issues of cyber-attacks need to report their supervisory authority within the 3 days of threat detection. Protected companies are free from the stress of GDPR countdown notification as they follow all the standards of GDPR. 

Minimal Attacks Practice

Cyber-attacks can be the worst nightmare for a company. The protected company having the best practice of safeguarding themselves by installing AI and ML. A non-protected company has to spend a lot of money to analyze and minimize cyber threats. Meanwhile, a protected company focuses on its business growth. A company that is protected will get all the customers those of non-protected companies. 

Data Recovery Solution 

A protected company focuses on advanced features like data recovery solutions. The most common way of this is to have a cloud-based solution. It is reliable and effective to store sensitive data. Whenever a data breach or other attack happens you can get all your data again with ease. A non-protected company does not have any cloud-based solution for data recovery. They face much more difficulties to survive in the market. 


In conclusion, data is the backbone of a business enterprise and hence no business can afford to get major issues relating to the data. Cybercrimes are gaining their space day by day and criminals are finding more advanced methods to target the business. So it’s better to get a conversion from a non-protected company to a protected one. 

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