The vehicle runs efficiently for years without incurring much cost on repair and maintenance requires proper vehicle services in the frequent period. The busy schedule doesn’t allow you to maintain your vehicle which means schedule services in advance at I-5 Motors to avoid skipping and increase the longevity of your vehicle.

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The maintained vehicle tends to run for longer miles without sacrificing the comfort and convenience that saves the cost of extensive repairs on the vehicle. The hard-earned income that you have invested in your vehicle requires constant auto maintenance. If by any chance you miss the proper maintenance, some services should be done within the time frame.

To avoid the breakdown of vehicles in the middle of the night or don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket, spend the money on car services. Avoid skipping them until it’s an emergency or to schedule services prior at Northside Imports Houston.

Here is the list of services to not skip

Replacement of Timing Belt

The vehicles with the timing belt are opposed to a timing chain and need to be replaced in time before it breaks and creates huge havoc.  The replacement should be done when the vehicle has covered 70,000 to 105,000 miles for cars and trucks.  The timing belt causes damage to internal parts of the vehicle and damages it in every possible way that leads to the replacement of the engine.

Oil Change

The most crucial and required operation in a day-to-day manner for the smooth running of vehicle and engine operation. The oil change provides lubrication to the moving parts and engine to produce friction between the vehicle parts and accessories.

Transmission service

The transmission service is required when the vehicle completes the 30,000 miles and calls for immediate maintenance. When it covers more than 60,000 it starts causing disruptions such as draining of transmission fluid, replacing the transmission pan gas, replacing the transmission gasket and filter when required to reassemble and add the new fluid for the smooth operation and shifting of transmission.

Service after every 30k miles

The maintained vehicles require service after every 30,000 miles vehicle cover for better functioning. The car service is required when vehicles cover 30,000 miles or more can lead to severe damage and issues. The internal check-ups to avoid the breakage and sudden stopping of the vehicle. The services as 30, 60,90 are most liked and recommended by auto service centers and dealerships such as Kimberly car City.

Cooling System

The cooling system has many integral parts that tend to affect the functioning of the car. The system has a radiator, cooling fan, water pump, thermostat, cooling runs smoothly, The system helps in regulating the operation and helps in managing the temperature of the engine. The service of the cooling system eliminates the draining issues and allows the coolant to work in the system without breaking down and collect contaminants to perform the job without any damage.

The cars can run effectively for more than 100,000 miles when serviced on time. The maintenance of the vehicle plays an important role in maintaining the longevity of the car.  The busy schedule leads to negligence of services and can cause huge damage to the internal parts and tends to dig a hole in the pocket.

50-70% of the vehicle’s life depends on maintenance. Doing it the right way to avoid the chances of paying huge heaps of money in the future for car services and replacement of parts and accessories is like wasting money that could have been used for betterment.

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