Essential Tips For Preparing Kids For Exams In Australia

preparing kids for exams

Failing an exam or having a poor result is a nightmare for any student and their parents, irrespective of age, degree, or any other factor. The struggle is real when students try their best to remember the answers to all the important questions and understand the essential concepts in exam preparation. 

Nonetheless, parents have to enter the process of preparing their children for their upcoming exams. Many parents choose Rise+, Australia’s best exam preparation platform, to prepare their children and eliminate their fear of performing poorly for the exam.

It is difficult to assess the potential of children, especially in the early stages. Such exam preparation platforms can not only help the parents to evaluate the potential of their children but also help the children to work on their weaknesses and maintain confidence during the exam.

Parent’s Guide – Tips to prepare children for exams

Tip 1. Preparation is key

Children model their behaviours from their parent. As such, the sooner you get into the habit of pre-planning, the better it will be for their lives – educational, personal, and professional. Explain to them that last-minute planning can backfire and create tension. Make a timetable for your child and plan to stick to it for preparation and revision.

Tip 2. Study goals 

The study should neither be taken lightly nor as a burden. Parents serve as a guiding light for their children for effective studying behaviour and how to articulate complex concepts. Arrange a proper study table and room environment to improve concentration while studying. Prepare daily or weekly targets for completing some chapters and free time for revision.

Tip 3. No pressure, pure motivation 

Forcing children to stay awake throughout the night can cause stress or anxiety. Instead, keep motivating them to gain knowledge and help remember key information. Make sure to help them with revision a week before the exam. Teach them about healthy competition and how they can perform better and more intelligently than their previous marks.

Tip 4. Understand learning style

Every child is different and their learning style is also unique. Some people prefer to study in a quiet environment, while others enjoy group study. Parents should evaluate the learning style of their children, and the formats that they learn best from (text, video etc) and leverage these to help understand key concepts.

Tip 5. Downtime & Breaks

Continued reading for long periods of time, can drain a child’s energy, so it’s important to have a few minutes of down-time and breaks. If children like to watch TV, talk, hang out or play with their friends, then parents should keep a fixed time for these activities between their study time. This will help the kids to study with a fresh mind and energy that can be focused on better learning and retention outcomes.


With the tips mentioned above, parents can help their kids prepare well in advance for their exams. Since every kid is different, some tips may work for your kid while others may not. So, keep exploring different ideas to evaluate the right method to help your kids prepare for the exam.