Playing Sports: Benefits for Kids

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Encourage your kids at the global Indian international school to play sports. See the positive impact it has on them. 

Playing sports offers a range of benefits to kids: emotional, physical, and interpersonal. If you’re wondering why encouraging your child to play sports is a good idea, here are a few reasons you’ll want to look over. While the pandemic has affected sports playing, that doesn’t mean kids still can’t engage in exercises and activities at home. That way, when kids can play sports again without any worries, and you ask for permission to join these extracurricular activities, here’s why you’ll want to say yes. 

Improved Vision 

Kids who spend time playing outdoors, especially organized sports, are less likely to develop vision problems. That is, compared to kids who spend all their time glued to the screen, their laptop, tablet, or any gaming device they have. That’s one good reason why you must encourage your kids to participate in sports activities at their global Indian international school campus. 

Healthy Weight 

More and more kids are growing up obese due to a diet of fast food and lack of exercise. One way to keep your kids healthy is to let them participate in sports activities. Regular exercise will do a lot to help them stay fit. Kids who spend all their spare time in front of a game or those without regular exercise are more likely to develop obesity and even diabetes. Prevent that from happening by checking out sports activities that the GIIS Bangalore offers. Enrol your kids in those classes to help them maintain a normal weight. 

Physical Development 

Kids who play sports regularly develop better coordination and strength. The exercise also helps them learn new skills. They develop dexterity and flexibility, too, with continued sessions. By letting your kids play sports, they stay strong and healthy. Their bones develop better too. 

Social Skills Growth

Playing sports teaches kids a lot about being part of a team. They find out how it feels to have other people depend on them, how to provide support, and what it means to be a good team player. They learn the value of relying on others, too. It’s a valuable skill that not only helps them at school but will also be useful for the rest of their life. Too many people grow up unhappy mostly because of one thing: they don’t understand themselves and they fail to understand others as well. Sports can help improve their communication skills and help them connect better with others. 

Breaks the Ice 

If your kids have a hard time finding friends, then letting them play sports activities is one way to help them mingle with or get to know other kids their age. Being in a team together and working towards a common goal helps kids move past the initial awkwardness. It won’t be long until they’re all friends. Sharing an experience helps them get closer to each other. 

Offers Camaraderie

The global pandemic has meant that a lot of kids are taking their classes indoors. Sports group activities through video might not feel the same, but the sense of camaraderie that you get from being part of a group still remains. Plus, not all online meetings focus on physical activities. There’s time enough during those meetups for the kids to catch up with each other. In a time when too many kids feel that online classes have an isolating effect for them, these sessions keep your children from getting lonely. They might miss their friends but being able to video call them or catch up during extracurricular sessions helps keep them emotionally and mentally well. 

Increases Self-Confidence 

The more they train and work together with everyone on the team, the better their skills will be. That improves their self-confidence. Knowing that they’re able to pull off the moves or techniques they’re taught builds up their belief in themselves. It makes them believe they can do and achieve most things they set their mind to. That self-confidence can come across the other areas of their life too. 

Develops Self-Discipline 

Extracurricular activities at school require a commitment. Your kids will need to understand that before they agree to you signing up their names for any of those classes, they need to be sure they’re ready to put aside time and energy for this activity. It’s not something they can try now and drop a few sessions in if they decide they don’t want it. They’ll need to spend the entire semester in that class. Are they ready for that? Make sure to ask. 


Kids learn how to be a sport about losing. Kids who always want to win, who have a hard time when they lose at anything will benefit from playing in sports. It teaches them how to accept defeat graciously and without bitterness or corrosive hate for the other team and its players. 

Let your kids enjoy sports. Get them into those extracurricular classes today

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