Instagram Reels Content Ideas and Trends 2021

instagram reels content

You might be awkward enough to open up to the world and post videos. Or, maybe you don’t have the right ideas. What matters is that you want to do it. So, ignore whatever that is stopping you and unleash your creative instincts. 

If you are a brand and looking forward for ideas to promote your product through reels, here is a list of content ideas for you to use. Fun videos, captions plus trending songs for Instagram Reels, all can be used to grow your account, reach new followers through the explore feed and also you can increase your engagement on instagram through this ideas.

Today social media might be a lot about brands and influencers, but one doesn’t necessarily require being a professional or a brand to post videos and entertain followers. You can do it for the sake of having a good time and entertaining yourself too. Read further for different creative Instagram Reels content ideas and trends which you can follow based on your personal interests. 

The Instagram Reels Content feature on Instagram was launched in August 2020. And, since then many individuals came out with their talent and were successful in building a loyal audience. It has also grown into a great tool for marketing and product promotions. The ‘yup & nope’ videos plus ‘pointing fingers at texts’ and ‘get to know me’ ones are probably too monotonous now. Let us move into 2021 with new ideas, improvisations and lots of creativity.  

What are some great Content Ideas for Instagram Reels in 2021?

Funny content never gets old

The reason why we end up spending hours on our phones is that it offers us entertainment. 2020 was specially a harsh year and people found a new fun activity in creating and sharing short videos, while stuck inside homes. Hopefully 2021 would bring an end to the pandemic. But, corona virus or no corona virus, entertainment is golden. It is a great idea for creators to make short videos based on funny reactions, jokes, challenges, sarcasm, situations and more. 

Pet videos

Accept it! :p Cute dog and cat clips are the best videos on the internet. These are way better than watching monotonous videos of individuals dancing to trending beats. Show your pet doing literally anything and your followers are surely going to smile wide watching them. 

Be expressive, be yourself

Your followers always want to know the real you. Following trends is cool, but your content should be a reflection of your personality. Improvise trends and explore your own creativity. If you are into fashion, you can create a statement by being unique. If you are into food, you can post videos of your own crazy recipes. Make your own songs and sing them with your ukulele. In short, be fun and creative in your own unique way. Use local slangs, be candid and let them see your real picture. 

Tips and Tricks

These are perfect and easy videos whenever you can’t find other ideas. Showcase tips that can be valuable in terms of information for your audience. These can be fashion and styling tips, photo editing tutorials, hacks, DIY videos, “how to” videos and much more. 

Sneak Peak videos

You can post a little sneak peek video from work scenes. These can be behind the scenes recordings from a busy day. Through this your followers can get a better idea of your art or whatever product you work on. 

Prank your friends and family

YouTube offers a huge library of prank videos. Reels can also be used to share short prank clippings and make them LOL. As long as you are being harmless, giving your buddies a hard time isn’t a bad idea. But, avoid being too cruel just for the sake views.  

Group videos

More the number of people, more interesting the videos might turn out. Ask your friends to join you while filming fun videos. You can dance together, lip sync, and perform challenges with your entire family. These can be sneak peeks from your quarantining sessions with the fam. 

Showcase your talent

A 15 to 30 second video can be a great snippet to your longer YouTube posts. Consider these mini advertisements for your followers and other viewers in the explore feed. You can add song covers, dancing videos, your skills and literally anything. Everyone is too busy to watch long videos nowadays. Also, when the internet is offering a volcano of content, pausing at one video and watching for a while is rare. So, share little snippets showcasing your talent and make people notice your work through Reels.  

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