Petite Dressing Guide | Pants, Coats, Jewelry, Belts

petite dressing guide

We all know the struggle petite women face while shopping for clothes. Finding a perfect dress is not that easy and petite dressing guide can be difficult due to different body sizes and shapes which makes it difficult for petites to highlight their best features. In this blog, we will discuss some of the tips that a petite should keep in mind while shopping and dressing to make the most out of an outfit.

Pants petite guide

The first in our list that we want to focus upon is the pants for women under 5’3″. Whenever shopping for pants make sure you choose pants that are not too tight, Hip fit are perfect for petite women. However, you should try it on before taking our word as it is. You can also consider buying cuffed pants both taper and hem as they look perfect and for petite, with longer legs, they become must-have pants as they make your height appear more even.

Petite with a shorter torso and longer legs – it is best to avoid pants with a wide waistband. Go for the ones that flatter your long legs and give you an overall elongating look.

Petite with a longer torso and shorter legs – Pants with a high or wide waistband will make your legs look longer giving an even overall look as these pants are hemmed properly and tapered.

Petite with a round tummy – Pants with elastic waist, pleated front are the best choices for petite women but be stay away from flat front pants.

Petite with shorter legs – Pants with smooth fabric are perfect that fall straight from the hips to ankles.

Coats petite guide

For petites looking for their perfect coat, it is recommended to go long rather than looking for a shorter one. Make sure the length of your coat is right and it should be above your knees. Look for single rather than double-breasted coats and always go for a softer coat fabric available in the best petite clothing stores.

Petite jewelry guide

No petite dressing guide for women is complete without the mention of jewelry in it. The best thing about wearing the right jewelry is that it directs the eyes where you want them to focus ie on the neck and shoulders. Petite women should avoid jewelry that is so large to overwhelm their small figure which means that a long necklace that extends a flattering neckline is a classic choice. Add drop earrings with this to lengthen your looks.

Belts guide

There is no perfect belt for a petite that says one size fits all and thus different body types should prefer having different belts for them. For short-waisted petite dressing guide for women, a narrow belt is perfect and for long-waisted a wide belt makes more sense. For making the short waist look longer always match the belt to the top and for the long waist match the belt to the bottom.

There is nothing like a hard and fast rule that a person has to follow while shopping for clothes online or from an offline store. However, the suggestions mentioned are some of the tips worth considering while shopping. Always go for popular and dedicated petite clothing brands like Azupetite – the best petite jeans brands as the clothing these dedicated brands have no match in terms of the fittings and design. Hope this blog will become your perfect guide while shopping and make the experience a better one.

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