Top 5 Garden Tractor Attachments in India – Types & Uses

garden tractor

A garden tractor is something beyond a riding cutter. It’s a little farm tractor that can assist you with getting a huge number of tasks finished, rapidly and without any problem. 

Based on the season there are three types of garden tractors available in India. 

Summer Attachment 

The summer attachments work productively in the summer season. These attachments are landscaping and garden oriented. Transporting soil and objects are much easier with the utility cart. With the sloped design and modded ribs, the loading and unloading are easy. Shovel and garden tractors are the best summer attachments in India. In the tractor industry, there are many brands available that provide excellent summer attachment for garden operation. 

To complete the garden work efficiently, fitted a tiller to the tractor. The machine used to turn over the soil, and ready to plant. Blades and shovels used for landscaping.

Fall Attachment 

Brush, debris, and leaves are important to clean up and for that fall attachments are the perfect option. Fall attachments used in the late summer and autumn to clean the garden. Fall attachments included a garden tractor, tractor shovel, lawn sweepers, and many other machines that help farmers. A tractor shovel is a small construction tool that helps farmers to move materials, turn the soil, and clean up the garden. The spreader is also the best fall attachment in India that provides proper protection to the crop. 

Winter Attachment 

Winter attachments used during the snowfall. Most winter attachments used to clean the road from the snow. 

Top 5 Garden Machines & Accessories

To make the garden beautiful and productive many different implements and accessories are used. These implements can increase working efficiency, save money and time. Implements are introduced for the comfort of the farmers.

We are showing the top 5 implements which are perfect for your garden, they can help you to increase productivity and efficiency in the fields. Let’s have a glance at the list below.


Tractors are the most important machine that provides power for performing agriculture operations. Small tractors used for garden work and it comes with the many advanced features. The machine is powered by diesel and designed in a small size. The machine has a turning radius that provides good turning in short areas. Eicher tractor is the most popular brand in India that provides affordable Eicher tractor price

Uses of Tractor 

  • It is suitable for various farming operations like cultivation, harvesting, weeding, planting, etc. 
  • The tractor is suitable for lifting heavy loads. 
  • It is used in farming, construction, and industry. 

Types of Tractor

  • Utility tractor 
  • Small tractor 
  • Heavy-duty tractor 

Tractor Shovel

A tractor shovel is a garden implement that consists of a bucket for digging, dumping, and elevating. The machine operated by diesel.   

Use of shovel 

  • It used for soil turned over. 
  • The Machine is suitable for lifting leaves. 

Types of Shovel

  • Lawn Tractor Shovel
  • Backhoe Loader
  • Front End Loader 


A mower is a garden machine that cuts grass or plants, grows on the ground. A small mower perfect for gardens or lawns called a lawn-mower. This machine is self-powered or may be pushed by the operator. It consists of blades, fitted on the wheels. When a force is applied to the machine, the blades spin and cut the grasses. It has rotary tillers.

Uses of Mower 

  • It effectively cut the grass.
  • The machine makes the grass surface sharp.

Types of Mower

  • Drive Type Mower
  • Powered Mower
  • Ride-on Mower
  • Walk Mower

Power Tiller 

Power tiller is an inventive machine utilized for tillage, weeding, and cultivation that contains a self-set of cutting edges set up with a robust engine. Selecting a power tiller is the ideal alternative to expand farm output. Power tiller is a two-wheeled machine, fitted with a rotating turner that performs all farm tasks easily. It used to prepare the soil, plants, and spraying fertilizer, sowing seeds. The machine gives productive working in paddy and wet fields.

Uses of Power Tiller 

  • It provides efficiency in cultivation, weeding, tillage, and sowing. 
  • The machine is suitable for sugarcane farming, wheat farming, paddy cultivation, and rice cultivation. 
  • Power tiller With a sewing spray machine, sewing machine, blood, wheat farming, and router, it provides effective working the field. 

Types of Tiller 

  • Mini tillers
  • Mid-sized front line tillers
  • Large-sized rear tine tillers

Brush Cutter 

A brush cutter is a small garden tool to cut weeds, small trees, and leaves. It comes with different blades to perform various types of operations. The machine attached with trimmer heads. The brush cutter is a widely used cutting machine in India that makes cutting operation effortless. 

Uses of Brush Cutter

  • It cut thick weeds and branches effectively. 
  • The machine used to trim much thinner vegetation of the garden. 
  • It easily cuts overgrown grass to make the garden beautiful. 

Types of Brush Cutter 

  • Handheld brush cutters
  • Walk-behind brush cutters
  • Tow-behind brush cutters

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