How A Perfect CV Can Elevate Your Salary


In the modern landscape of today’s careers, the urge for a salary increase is a mutual aspiration across professions as well as industries.

However, regardless of this universal charm, the pursuit of a better salary compensation is mostly filled with hesitation, uncertainty, and even fear. Ouch!

Imagine you standing outside your hiring manager’s room, all prepped to finally talk about the increment you have been trying so hard for. Just as you were about to open the door, it opened from the inside and your angry colleague exited. No salary increment for him, why would you get it then? All demotivated and upset you went back to your cubicle along with your angry colleague.

If you don’t want this to happen in real life, then we suggest you make your CV so fascinating that your recruiter hires you on your chosen salary package. Hold on a minute, is that possible?

Yes, and why not? Do you not know that writing a perfect CV can help you increase your salary? Well, instead of finding yourself trapped in a paradox of being paid less, and feeling an internal resistance to ask for more, you can avoid this whole situation only by submitting a great application.

Read below to find out how you can write a perfect CV to elevate your salary.

Write A Perfect CV To Elevate Your Salary

Make Certain There Are No Punctuation, Spelling, Or Grammar Errors

So, the first thing to keep in mind is to avoid making any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in your document if you want to land a high-paying position. Trust us on this one, if your resume is crammed with silly mistakes and errors, what do you think will be your impression in front of your recruiter? Not what you want it to be, right?

A lot of recruiters do not give the employees the basic human right to commit mistakes, and rightfully so. If you are careless about such a significant document like your CV, which most probably makes up your first impression in front of your employer, then you are most likely to be perceived as a careless person. And, just to simplify things up a bit, why would anyone want to hire a careless person to work for them?

So, if you think you are too lazy to make your resume, let alone proofread and edit it all by yourself, then do not lose your hopes. Because we are here with an amazing idea. Really, what? Get any online CV editing services, and let these experts handle this task on your behalf. See, easy peasy!

Design Your Resume As Per The Needs Of Each Job

Now, that you have made your CV free from any mistakes and errors, what to do now? Well, to truly make a great impression in front of your hiring manager you have to design your CV to fit perfectly with the requirements of each high-paying job.

Do you know marketers first conduct market research and then follow it with tailoring a brand logo, philosophy, communication, as well as design? Well, think of your CV as no less than a marketing tool.

So, use the same tactics as those hard-working marketers to target the right market and let them know how you are the perfect fit for the job opening. We agree that it is not a doddle, but if you are dedicated to landing a high-paying job, then have to accept this challenge with open arms.

Don’t Over-Complicate Your CV

After removing all the errors and mistakes, and designing your resume as per the requirements of each job, do you think you are ready to land a high-paying job? Ha-ha! Well, these were just the building blocks, you have to do a lot more to secure your dream job. For instance, you have to use the appropriate format, sum things up within a limited space, and not overcomplicate your application.

To make everything fit on a single piece of paper, cut down on the shapes, graphics, fancy typography, as well as unwanted colours. Make the content measurable and compelling. The key is to keep it concise because the longer your CV the more bored your hiring manager is going to be.

Never Lie On Your Resume

Lastly, do not lie on your resume we repeat DO NOT EVER lie on your resume. Steer clear of typing anything on your application that you cannot prove by actual knowledge and facts. Because believe us, it always backfires. If you make it past the interview, you will have to answer for your lies when you are hired. And, things might become nasty for you.

So, be honest and let your fate and most importantly your CV catch the eye of a potential employer. If you still don’t know how to write your resume, then worry not. Instead, get help from online CV Writers in Dubai and any of these service providers will be at your service to assist you.

Use Professional Contact Information:

Sorry to break it to you but you are not in your pre-teen or teenage years, nor it is 2008 anymore, so it is high time you dump those NSYNC and Britney-inspired email addresses. Make a new email a professional one, and add it to your resume. Trust us, such email IDs do not make you look cool, rather they make you look cringe.

Tell us, why would a professional recruiter want to contact ‘[email protected]’? Exactly, got our point now? Moreover, do not share your picture if it is not required by the hiring manager in the job ad. There are many reasons to not include your picture, but the major one is that it often distracts the recruiter to judge you on the basis of your looks, not your skills.

How to write a good CV?

By following the simple yet effective steps, we are sure you will end up writing a good CV for yourself:

  1. Start with a brief summary of your key accomplishments as well as skills.
  2. Focus on results rather than responsibilities.
  3. Customize your CV for every job opening.
  4. Shed light on your growth and changes.
  5. Show off your network.
  6. Display your industry knowledge.
  7. Make use of powerful words.

What makes a resume successful?

A successful resume is always clearly and carefully presented. It is always printed on a crisp and clean white sheet of paper. The layout must always be well-structured. And, most importantly, your resume must never be folded or crumpled. This is why we encourage you to use an A4-sized envelope to post your application.

Should my resume include the expected salary?

The main aim of your resume is to lay forward your professional experience and relevant skills in front of the recruiter. So, in our opinion, including your salary expectations in such an early phase is completely unnecessary and might even cause the hiring manager to draw away.

Summing It All Up

If you knock on that door and your hiring manager does not agree that you have earned yourself an increment, then do not be disheartened, instead, keep a good attitude. Rejection is a part of success, so don’t sulk around and ask your manager what is required of you to become eligible for a salary increase.

However, if your manager does not help you in this matter, then sweat not because now you know all about how your CV can elevate your salary. Make sure to incorporate the above-given elements in your application to land a high-paying job.