What Shapes And Sizes Does Pan Di Stelle Come In?

pan di stelle

When you browse for different food products; you will come across many items that have more than one variety. This variation is also seen in Italian dishes, foods, and most importantly in desserts like Pan Di Stelle.

General Information About Pan Di Stelle

Before you decide which kind of variety of Pan Di Stelle you will select; you have to know a few vital points about this dessert because it will make your decision of which type of cookie and its variety to choose.

When This Italian Biscuit Was First Made?

The exact date of its creation is not known but it was in the year 1983 when this biscuit was registered and after some time, it came into the market. It soon became popular because of the design of the packing and the biscuit itself.

It Evolved Through The Years

From 1983 up till now, the Pan Di has gone through several stages of evolution, and as time passed new editions were included in it. Even this product has its website and also major the Little Bear was created based on the major constellation.

The Design Of The Pack

The word Stelle means stars in the Italian language; so you can see a lot of stars on the packing of the cookies as well as the biscuit itself. It is not known as to why the manufacturers decided to create this design on the package of Pan Di Stelle. But it is unique and beautiful.

These Biscuits Are For Breakfast

It is very confusing that the pack of the Pan Di Stelle represents a sky full of stars but it is a popular breakfast dish. It is mostly taken with coffee by adults or hot chocolate for children.

Mainly Served At Christmas

You will find many items on several online websites and stores like Sogno Toscano that are either served with Christmas meals or given as gifts. The most famous of all is the Pan Di that is loved by all who have tried it.

What Are The Ingredients Used?

The ingredient used to make these cookies are simple and can be bought from any Italian store. These include all-purpose flour, honey, melted dark chocolate, cocoa powder unsweetened, margarine, milk, hazelnuts, salt, baking powder, and confectioners’ sugar. 

Instructions For Its Preparation

First, you have to preheat the oven and oil the tray. Mix sugar and hazelnuts in the processor to make it into flour. Use a blender to mix margarine and confectioner sugar till it becomes fluffy. Now add all other ingredients to make a smooth dough. Roll it out and cut it into round shapes. You can use edible stars to decorate the cookies. Bake in the oven.

What Sizes And Shapes It Have?

Like all other Italian products, this one also comes in various shapes, sizes and can be used in other Pan Di recipe. Below are some variations of Pan Di that you can find in stores and markets.

Normal Round Cookies

This is the cookie shape that was initially introduced. The round shape of the cookies with stars on top was first introduced in 1983.

Chocolate Spread Is Also Available

Then gradually the company expanded its product range special chocolate and hazelnut spread on Pan Di Stelle and multiple other food items as well.

Sandwich Can Be Made

You can create your variety of sandwiches by filling ice cream or other stuff in between two cookies. Or you can buy the ready-made product also.

Cereals For Children

During the later years, tiny Pan Di Stelle was introduced to be put in milk for children to be taken as breakfast.

Used As Cake Decoration

The cake decoration is the one thing where all kinds of biscuits and cookies can be used. Also, Pan Di is one that can be used on cakes.

Pan Di Stelle Bar

Pan Di Stelle bars are also introduced and are eaten by people of all ages. These are small cake-type sweets that the same taste as the cookies and also the decoration.

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