The don’ts of web design all developers forget to follow

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It does sound like a broken record, and developers often get tired when they are reminded about it. However, a lot of developers end up making web design mistakes, which should be avoided at all costs. What happens if these mistakes aren’t averted? A disaster takes place. And when that disaster isn’t managed well? A possible apocalypse happens.

The following are some things to avoid when designing a website:

1. Don’t make your visitors wait long

Visitors have very small attention span. If you make visitors wait too long, then they will go and visit another website. Then you will have to work all over again and re-optimize the site to bring them back.

2. Do not ignore your users

Never ignore your target audience. Your point of view and their point of view will differ, but always design the site from their view. Walk through their journey and explore all pages to create a real user-friendly site.

3. Do not create a cluttered layout

Have you ever seen websites looking like a row of boxes arranged haphazardly? If you have, ensure that you do not do that to your website. Sorting them visually by spending a few seconds is costly. Cluttered websites are visually confusing, and viewers can’t decide where to divert their attention. A well-organized layout helps viewers in their attention and direction.

4. Ensure internal links do not open in a new tab

Not only will it be considered rude if they open a new tab, but it also disables the back button.

5. Do not use all the colors

It’s not like we are not asking you to slash the pride month or dislike rainbows but using all colors on the palette will make your web design clash. Since colors have a strong psychological impact, users can get confused if too many colors are used.

In case you get confused about which colors to use and which ones not to use, the rule of thumb says your design should not use more than 3 colours.

6. Do not fill the site page with unreadable paragraphs

Don’t design your site to be a box for a cluttered cluster of words. In the case of long-form content, create a clean & large design that divides the content into readable chunks of text. Add ample amounts of white space and images to create the needed flow.

7. Do not make navigation so hard that no one visits your site again

Make sure all things on your website are easy to find and easy to search, regardless of whatever the link is. Website visitors and readers alike cannot spend more than a few seconds searching for it. Always include a search box so people can look for things easily, whether they match the site’s primary focus or not.

8. Avoid using too many fonts

Websites using more than five different fonts often end up losing users in a matter of seconds because it takes a lot of effort to read content written in different fonts. It not only makes the content look chaotic but also unprofessional.

The ideal number of fonts to be used is three: One for the main heading, the other for the sub-heading and the last one for the body text.

9. Do not use too many images

If you use too many images, it will crowd out your message. Using images sparingly and impactfully helps spread your message. Search engines do not read images very well and relying on them to convey text is a mistake that should never be committed.

Keep background images under 1 MB as large background images slow down the website’s loading time.

10. Optimize it for mobile

If you do not optimize it for mobile, then your website will end up in the shredder. 57% of mobile users do not recommend a site not optimized for mobile. People are using more mobile app devices than laptops hence, the mobile optimizing option is a must.

Over to you

These are the don’ts of web design which developers must not forget. Unfortunately, we all are human, and we do forget things. Any of the above mistakes are bound to be found on any website, whether the probability of such is large, moderate or small.

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