Best Practices When Outsourcing Software Development

Software Development

59 % of businesses endorse outsource to reduce their business expenses. 57 percent of companies choose to develop software by outsourcing it to focus on their business objectives. 47% of entrepreneurs choose to solve capacity issues & 31% to boost service quality. Yes, the numbers are impressive and outsourcing software development service providers, residing in countries like India, as opposed to in-housing it, can assist you to save up on a lot of needless expenses and investments. So, what are some of the greatest methods that will enable you to hire a custom software development service provider? Let’s find out.

Execute an NDA:

Never start your work without signing NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the custom software development company. The NDA enforces laws regarding the protection of your intellectual property. Your intellectual property may include your software design, feature, characteristics and the software itself. It prevents the software development service provider from repurposing the work that it did for you to others.

Get early proof of concept:

If you are working with the offshore software development team for the first time, make sure you ask for a mockup before awarding the project. It is a good idea to see an example before the team begins working goes a long way to guarantee that you and your development time are on the same page. If you believe you’re not on the same page, give them another chance and if the result is the same, it is time for you to move on and begin the process all over again.

Do your research:

Always be certain to go through adequate background analysis about your preferred custom software development service provider. Asses the vendor’s technological expertise as per your needs. Go through their portfolio, if possible, ask their previous clients about their experience. Ask them about the team strength, if possible met them physically or you can make use of video calls as well.

Define your goals:

Realising your business goal matters, however, make sure you set clear and actionable goals for your offshore development team as well. Without a clear direction, the team can get lost which will cost you time and money. In fact, this can lead to disaster for your business, you can get a poor result, loss of productive business hours and more. Define your goal clearly, we can’t stress this more. It is necessary. Your goals must be specific, achievable, measurable and relevant.

Communication is a must:

Since your team and you are living in a different time zone, you have to use the time efficiently. Schedule a time when both of you will be available regularly to talk about the projects and offer your feedback to ensure that they are walking on the right path. Do testing from your end if possible, utilize your free time and talk to the software development service provider on a regular basis.

There are numerous custom software companies that you can reach to get your job done. However, you must realize that you have to be active in the development process as well. Moreover, when you are following above mentioned tips, you are further ensuring the work is being done according to your desires not just out of the team’s perception of what you want. Therefore, it makes more sense for you to communicate properly with a custom software development company, assisting the team with your valuable feedback and suggestions to do much better jobs, requiring fewer repetitions and much faster task completions.

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