Online Media Relations: let’s clarify a bit

online media relations

According to the definition of Scott Cutlip, pioneer in public relations education, Media Relations are relationship, communication and information activities that address the media and which have the purpose of transferring through them an organization message to the outside. On the basis of this then, over the years, what are Online Media Relations have been defined, whose main difference lies in the tools and ways of communicating that have evolved and diversified.

It is in this scenario that an expert in this sector must develop a 360-degree competence both in more traditional media relations and in online ones. If before the relationships to be managed and cultivated were only those with journalists who had the fate of a brand, a character or a product in their hands, today the figures of reference are multiplying and becoming indispensable for media relations. Which? Influencers and bloggers, as well as you tubers, have become real icons in a short time, as well as sources of inspiration for many users.

Not to mention the importance of these figures for link building. Precisely these are digital PR professionals who know how to take care of human contact with the people they collaborate with, guaranteeing links and citations, which allow you to bring traffic to the site through link building…

Online Media Relations: the press office

Media Relations activity can be explained in the context of the press office. Yes, let’s say that a professional in this sector must have not only the skills of a press officer understood in the traditional meaning of the term, but also those typical of online relationships. Therefore, he must know how to combine the skills to manage relationships with journalists as well as with influencers and bloggers because, needless to deny it, being able to gain the trust of these figures means being on the right path to achieve the goal, which is to increase its catchment area.

Having said this, it is natural to understand that human relationships, even before the ability to manage strategies and tools, represent a very precious element, capable of making a difference.

An important skill that a figure who works in this sector (and a perfect press officer) must have is that related to writing. Knowing how to write and make a press release as interesting as possible is the winning move, but not only. Having mastery of SEO techniques and persuasive copywriting is also important, as well as knowing how to spread a press release effectively through SEO.

Online Media Relations and digital marketing

Despite what one might think, online media relations and digital marketing are not the same thing. The main difference is the goal they have, or rather the tools they use to achieve it.

In detail, the former have the mission of building, enhancing and defending reputation through relationships and human relationships with influencers, bloggers, journalists and all those figures who play a valuable role in the brand awareness of a company. Objective we talked about in this article.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, pursues the objective of favoring commercial objectives by managing the direct relationship with influencers, bloggers, journalists, developing the ability to involve them, satisfy them, in order to naturally lead them to choose that particular brand or product. .

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