10 Important Tips and Tricks for developing design in PowerPoint

developing design in powerpoint

I remember the days back in school when each of us classmates used to quarrel among each other. Everyone wanted to use the computer in the computer labs at very first and wanted to create the best MS word document of PPT slide.

Those were the golden days!

Now being a university student, I have realized that creating a PowerPoint slide is definitely not easy. Today, when the teacher asks us to create an excellent PowerPoint presentation, we all look at each other with a terrified face because obviously, we underestimated the power of PowerPoint presentations!


Microsoft PowerPoint is one of those important presentation program without which each teacher and student would feel incomplete for sure.

Abbreviated as the PP or PPT, PowerPoint is the program of Microsoft that creates a slide show of the important information, charts, and the images for a presentations. This is now widely used by the teachers in schools, colleges, and universities.

In the midst of pandemic, PowerPoint presentations have helped the businesses to get their meetings done rightly from their homes. Teachers have found a right hand as well that could help students in learning as well.

Readable via the mobile interface and desktop monitors, PowerPoint presentations are now widely used among the audience for digital purpose.

After an extensive research, I was able to get hands on commands to make impressive and effective PowerPoint presentations. You must have heard that a picture is worth the thousand words; this is due to the effects, animations, colors, typography, and fonts that are added into the PowerPoint presentation to make it go wow and to leave the audience awestruck.

The professional PowerPoint presentation designers from the presentation design services believe that Microsoft PowerPoint is basically a test of the marketing skills. I also agree with the fact, PowerPoint is now widely used to share the message with the audience and to get the support digitally.


An individual is required to create an excellent PowerPoint presentation to reflect his design skills and the technical literacy as well. Here, the personal style and choice of a person also matters.

Well, I believe that the great PowerPoint presentation lies upon your own command of the PowerPoint’s tools and designs. Your attention and devotion also matters a lot while creating an excellent design over the PowerPoint. Also, your consistent efforts matter as well so you could maintain your personal style among the PowerPoint presentation.

Always remember, if you will create the PowerPoint presentation with the correct designs and will keep on practicing the tools to use, you will surely land creative designs and the PowerPoint presentations would show up just the way you would desire.

What makes your presentation good or bad is the content and the design of the presentation. If your presentation would be way too noisy or messy, it will definitely get negative review. So these tiny things matter a lot while designing the PowerPoint presentation.

Below I have compiled 10 important tips for developing the best designs in PowerPoint presentations. With the help of this detailed and comprehensive guide, you would be able to understand that how you must create your PowerPoint presentations in lesser time. These 10 tips will allow you to create well-designed PowerPoint presentations slide efficiently.

Skip the stock template:

Do not ever use the slide themes that are included in the software, this is where your presentation already dies. They just look boring and ugly. Make sure to create a new presentation with new start and build it clean.

Don’t use more than 6 lines of the text:

The expert PowerPoint presentation designer from help in assignment penned that using more than 6 lines of text in the presentation is simply worst. Make sure to keep it minimal and simple.

Ditch out the bullet points:

Do not add a lot of bullet points in your presentation. This will make the audience loose interest in the subject already! Share one idea and one concept just in one slide. No need to bombard the presentation.

Sans serif fonts- forever the all-rounder:

Sans-serif fonts are absolutely a family to love always. Not too bold, not too thin, just so perfect to give a read and a person’s mind is able to process what he sees. Make sure that the typography could look fun not burden!

Size the fonts appropriately:

While designing the presentation, you need to keep it in good designs and font sizes. Make sure that the sizes are not way too big and not way too small. They must be simple and minimal to be read in a room only! Not too giant, not too small, just perfect!

Powerful and strong contrast between the text and the background:

There must be an excellent contrast between the texts and the backgrounds while designing a presentation. The colors and the texts must go good together and shouldn’t be looking way too loud for audience.

Say no to more than 5 colors:

Adding more than 5 colors in a presentation in any way is going to make your presentation go yuck! There is no need to create rainbow and butterflies. Just keep the presentation simple and clean.

Contrasting text colors to draw attention:       

You are definitely allowed to use contrasting colors in order to draw the attention of the viewer to the subject area. You can highlight some points but again… do not make the presentation messy or way too colored!

A yes to the single image:              

Adding single image in a single slide, idea is recommended highly! Do not add more than one image in the presentation or else it would become difficult to read and the images will keep distracting the viewer.

Add visuals to increase emotional appeal:

The visuals are always there to elevate and support your message. You can use the, to enhance the comprehension and retention and to get your point fix into audience’ mind. This will make your presentation look amazing.


You love these tips, didn’t you? With the help of these tips and tricks, you can use the PowerPoint presentation designs to your complete advantage. Make sure to implement all these hacks smartly to create an impressive and compelling PowerPoint presentation.

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