Things You Need To Know About Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

leh ladakh tour packages


Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, blended with Tibetan culture and adventures, there lies a serene destination named ‘Leh’ of Ladakh. Every year thousands of tourists come here to experience the absolute transformed ambience of Leh Ladakh. It has an array of forms that transcends one after another as we see changes of the seasons. The city of Jammu and Kashmir State offers vivid experience to the travellers mixed with Buddhist Heritage, Mountain Trekking, On-road and Off-road biking, Scenic Photography and many more. Well, if you are planning to taste what Leh Ladakh is offering, then, this is all you need to know about the Leh Ladakh Tour packages. In this article we are providing you a reliable detailed review of Leh Ladakh trip.

Reminiscing Leh Ladakh Tour

Every season of the year in Leh Ladakh, has something memorable to provide to the tourists. Let it be the experience of River Rafting, On-road biking tour, Hiking experience, Ladakhi village sightseeing or the Pangong Lake exploration, one can never return empty hearted. All the nature enthusiasts are going to have scenic picturesque as well as the spiritual soles are going to witness some heartwarming cultural practices. Any experience you ask, and it has everything to offer to everyone.

The Leh Ladakh trip is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, peaceful lakes, beautiful, manufactured roads, and solid terrains. All these elements of Leh Ladakh tour are provoking enough to plan a trip there. So, before you go there, it is essential to know all about ‘Leh Ladakh tour packages.’

Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

  • If there is a plan running in your mind, then, you should consider the following key factors that will help you select the right package for your Leh Ladakh tour.
  •  Time span – Leh Ladakh Tour Packages comes with different time spans, ranging from 5 days to 10 days. According to the convenience of your trip, pre-plan the duration of your tour.
  •  Fun exertion – There are a lot of fun activities taking place in Leh Ladakh trip. Adventures like river rafting, terrain hiking, On-road biking and sightseeing explorations are some of the options you may wish to opt for according to your physical strength and interest.
  •  Financial Blueprint – Leh Ladakh tour packages cater differently for different budgets. It varies based on accommodations, food, transportation, guides, activities, and camping. You should form a clear budget allocation and go for the most suitable package.
  •  Solo/Group – Your total budget reflects differently once you short out the number of people joining you in your trip. Leh Ladakh tour packages hold varieties of options that precisely goes along solo and group size individually. Choose accordingly.

What do you get in Leh Ladakh Tour Packages?

  •  Accommodation – Leh Ladakh tour packages have facilities like hotel stay, guesthouse and house stay in the villages as well. Whichever fits well according to your budget opt for that.
  •  Transportation – It is inclusive only in a few packages that provide facilities like bikes, four wheelers and flight arrangements.
  •  Food – To make your tour easy, some tour packages include meals of wide varieties, especially the local delight. It will have meals delivered during morning, noon, and night.
  •  Guide services – If you are exploring deep and want to indulge in fun activities, then go for the package that includes guide services. Their experience and key knowledge about the terrain may come handy for you.
  •  Activities – Leh Ladakh Tour packages often offer adventurous activities like hiking, biking, rafting, and exploring. If you plan to go for fun, then make sure your package has an inclusion of fun activities.

When should you go?

If you have any inkling for the harsh winter and bright summer then, Autumn is the best one to go for the Leh Ladakh trip. It lies in the months between May to September and provides you the opportunity to experience the mesmerizing clear ambience. Enjoy most of the packages this time and experience the accessible roads with pleasant feelings.

Pass & Permits

Well, few of the restricted areas require permits to explore. Make sure your packages should have all the permits that it requires to avoid the last-minute stress. Talk to your guide or to any service provider and have a clear understanding of the permits that you avail. Even keep an extra copy of it to secure your expedition.


Once in a lifetime Leh of Ladakh trip is all that you need. Whether it be immersing in the Tibetan culture or in the serene Buddhist Heritage, you have an array of options to go for. No matter if you hound for scenic view or crawl for challenging trek, it has everything you desire to have. Select for yourself a kind of package that serves you with tranquil lakes, remote mountains, monasteries, fun activities, and village people. It is important that you suit your needs before you head for Leh Ladakh trip and this article will serve you as a perfect tour guide.