What are the necessities for a German student visa?

German student visa

Did you just receive a letter of admission from a German university and don’t know how to get a visa for your international study?Look no further, this blog has been carved out to provide you with the visa requirements for international students, in details. Read on.

What is the basic German visa application process?

Your application for a German student visa must be submitted at the German embassy or consulate. The outcome of your visa application is based on the supporting documents and personal information you provide. All documents have to be presented as originals, along with by two photocopies of each.

A checklist of the essential documents for a German student visa application

Compulsory documents

  • Duly completed national visa application forms (two).
  • Valid national passport (and previous passports, if applicable).
  • Biometric portrait photographs, recently taken (two). 

Proof of admission into a programme of study (send any of the following)

  • German university admission letter.
  • Letter of admission in a foundation course or propaedeutic course or a preparatory German language course.
  • Authenticated certificates of previous education.
  • International German university entrance qualification(if you were a student at a German education provider).

If not, send the following educational documents:

  • Academic qualificationand records (or transcript) from a recognised foreign university (it must demonstrate thatthe qualification you have is equally recognized as German academic institutes).
  • A curriculum vitae, accompanied with records of previous and on-going internship, apprenticeship and work experiences, if any.

Means of subsistence (send any of the following)

  • Letter of commitment by a local resident or a person living in Germany (demonstrating your accommodation and/or other living costs will be coveredduring your stay).
  • Letter of a declaration by a parent (demonstrating their commitment to support you financially while you study here), supplemented by their bank statements of the last 6 months.
  • Scholarship awarding certificate (showcasing you as a receiver, including the amount of financial coverage granted to you).
  • Covered health insurance (at least 30,000 EUR and for at least 3 months)that is accepted by German consulates worldwide.
  • Motivational letter, expressing the reason for choosing the particular university and study program (also mention your future plans and how your study will be improving your career and life).
  • Marriage certificate (send in caseyou’re married), support that with a birth certificate of any children (if related).
  • Proof of the visa application fee payment (typically 60 EUR).

Proof of English language proficiency (required for English and mixed-language study programmes)

  • Test of English Foreign Language (TOEFL). Accepted test results are:
  • PbT (paper-based test) − 550 points;
  • CbT (computer-based test) − 213 points;
  • IbT (internet-based test) − 79-80 points.
  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Accepted test scores by most German universities are 5 – 6.5.

The studies that you can pursue with a German student visa are either full-time university studies or preparatory courses before applying for such studies, like Foundation programmes. Make a note of the documents that you need to prepare for your German student visa application, but first, apply to a programme in Berlin today!

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