Why You Should Opt For Loan While Buying Two-Wheeler

Why You Should Opt For Loan While Buying Two-Wheeler

Getting a bike loan today has become extremely easy. The ease with which the acquisition of a two-wheeler can be done is the result of many banking institutions offering loan facilities based on reliable credit ratings. People are now taking loans to own a bike, thereby further expanding the reach of people who are financially stable. In addition, by owning a two wheeler, people have found it possible to travel long distances in short periods of time, more than ever before.

A bike loan in India is now a common choice for many people to travel and commute faster between destinations within the city and in the surrounding areas of it. The increased presence of bike loans in the country has provided the new generation of Indians with more options when it comes to choosing an efficient mode of travel.

No Need to Settle

We believe that every rider deserves a quality bike that is also within their budget. That is why, at Muthoot Capital, we are proud of offering premier bikes that promote supreme functionality and designs without compromising your savings. By choosing Muthoot Capital, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than your ideal bike.

We at Muthoot Capital offer you a remarkable solution to all your travel requirements. For a nominal monthly payment on our bike loans, you can own the best bicycle in the market without having to make any down payment.

Enjoy Tax Benefits

Enjoy tax benefits by purchasing your new bike in your company’s name. If you fall under the purview of a business individual, you can avoid having to pay a 3% tax on the total cost of the vehicle and instead use it as a deduction from your taxable income (up to 2 years). The difference in monthly installments will be substantial and savings will be for a lifetime.

In an institution’s endeavor to get more borrowers, some banks are offering competitive deals for customers under their umbrella. All you need is to do your bit by choosing the right product.

Financial Discipline

There are basically two ways of taking a loan. First is the Personal Loan option where you pay EMIs in monthly installments and can even go for a regular personal loan without keeping any collateral. This helps you to maintain financial stability as you can calculate your expenses beforehand and plan out future expenditures accordingly. Second is the Two-Wheeler Loan where you pay only an amount that will cover the cost of the vehicle. Each month, you need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to pay off EMI in time; otherwise, it will lead to financial troubles in the long run, as in you might end up. You can also check the status of Muthoot Share price for current trends of loan share trends for your betterment of purchasing decisions. 

Low Interest Rates

Coming to terms with a new bike is a dream come true for many individuals. Scratch that off your bucket list because now you can own the two-wheeler of your dreams with our fantastic financing deals on two-wheeler loans! Rejoice at the fact that we offer some of the lowest interest rates around – a result of the wide variety of monetary institutions battling it out to satisfy their customers.

Muthoot Capital offers hassle-free two wheeler loan financing to help you buy your dream bike. We offer attractive interest rates along with flexible EMI and tenure options to ensure hassle-free repayment. Muthoot Capital works with individual credit profiles and provides tailor-made solutions in line with your needs.

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