9 Best Multipurpose Hacks For Household Utility

household utility

Household Utility items are a staple for sophisticated and satisfactory living. The surprising factor is its versatility; most items are of great use to solve multiple home issues. For example, who would have thought that led strip lights could work as led dog leashes? But this is only one unique example of how one product can be of great use for multiple household purposes. You can use tons of household items without any nuisance as great hacks to solve innumerable daily life needs. Stick to this blog to find out more about such items.

Here is the list of items you can use as multipurpose hacks for household utility:

1. Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are the most common household utility item in every home. It is because they do serve a great cause in keeping our dental health in one piece. However, you will be surprised to know that they are also an excellent multipurpose hack for your other household errands. For instance, if you find cleaning your kitchen appliances like chopping boards and sink hard, gently use toothbrushes on the surface, which will solve your purpose. Moreover, they are very helpful in cleaning computer keyboards also. So, next time think before you throw out your old toothbrushes.

2. Glass jars and tins

The glass containers and jars are a huge hit among crafty people who love making creative DIY items. These are super versatile in reusing and transforming into a whole new product effortlessly. For example, if you are considering using your old and empty coffee jars or beverage tins as a useful item, you can try beautifying them into a hanging lantern. Apart from this, you can plant a sapling inside them or use them to feed water to birds. And for all this, you only need to paint some aesthetic colors and designs, and a beautiful home decor item is ready for you.

3. Drill bit extension kits

All folks believe the drill bit extension kits are undeniably necessary for drilling ceilings and walls. However, flexible drill kits have become trendy these days and can modify their shape accordingly. The best flexible drill bit extension is the one that twists, bends, and rotates easily. In addition, the stretch and elasticity of these drill bits make it an amazing hack for cleaning. You can attach a brush to the sharp edge of the drill and use it to clean hard-to-reach parts of your home. These days, you can easily find the best quality flexible drill bit. 

4. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil has been a lifesaver in keeping the food fresh for hours. But what most people don’t know is that it is more than just wrapping leftovers. The best ways you can use it are to scrub coarse surfaces and to clean stains off tins and pans. Moreover, you can use it as a hack to iron your clothes faster by placing some aluminum foil below the ironing board as it helps iron clothes better. This way, you can make great use of it if you run out of resources at your home in the future.

5. Led strip lights

The led strip lights are undoubtedly an excellent smart device to use for RGB lighting in your home. But did you know that apart from using them for your appliances, you can use them as dog leashes? The led collar works well for you to have better visibility of your pet. Moreover, it can prevent your pet from fatal accidents on the road. They are compatible with dogs but ensure the lights are not too flashy. Else, it can cause them irritation. However, these days one can find super comfortable led dog leashes very easily as they are very valuable for a pet’s safety. Still, you can consider using these led strip lights as a hack for your pet’s safety. 

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6. Old tights

It must have happened with a lot of you that once the clothes you used to wear earlier don’t fit you now, you transform them into dusters or food strainers, right? Yet, they go amazingly well used as a cleaning alternative. Moreover, you can reuse them by cutting out excess parts and transforming them into newer outfits. 

7. Nail varnish

Every girl obsesses over colorful nail varnish. It is a highly famous cosmetic product, but this cool cosmetic item is capable of amazing household hacks. For example, if you didn’t know, you can use nail varnish to seal envelopes by putting a colorful nail polish along the top and pressing it down. Moreover, if you find it hard to begin stitching, try putting a bit of the one end of the thread in the nail varnish and let it dry for a minute. Later, you can easily put the thread in the needle and continue stitching. 

8. Tennis Balls

Many people are great lovers of playing tennis. Undoubtedly, tennis balls are of utmost importance to people who play tennis daily. However, you will be surprised to know that tennis balls solve the aspect of household utility as a great hack also. The fine nylon and wool fabric with a rubbered texture makes it a great fit for floor protection. For instance, chairs usually rub too much against the floor, forming scratches on your floor. To avoid the situation, you can cut a ball with a knife in the middle and place the legs of your chair in the tennis ball to protect your floor. In addition, you can again, after cutting them, wrap them around the sharp corners to avoid injuries.

9. Metal spoons 

We all know that shiny metal spoons play a main role in the kitchen and cutlery. However, they have their surprising element, making it a very useful household and beauty hack. Folks who want to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles can put metal spoons for some time in the refrigerator and keep them under your eye bags. 


The super-easy availability and ways to use these products make them a convenient household utility hack. However, ensure your safety while using products like drill bits as they may cause a threat of injury. Hence, look for the best flexible drill bit extension. Also, ensure you are implementing the instructions well to use the products. Moreover, when you cannot find solutions for certain household issues, they are inevitably the best way to save time and money with great ease. So, next time instead of buying new specific items, you can apply these simple solutions for a smooth living.