Mullayanagiri Peak Trek

mullayanagiri peak trek

With a height of 1,925 meters (6,316 ft), Mullayanagiri Peak is the highest peak of Karnataka, India and  23rd highest peak in western ghats. The peak is located in the Chandra Dhrona Hills Ranges of the western ghats of chikmagalur taluk. The summit of the peak has a small temple, a house and a police radio relay station. A prominent Seethalai Yadagiri Peak is adjacent to this place. 

The Peak is named after a small temple or tomb (gadduje) at the summit. The temple is dedicated to a sage “Mulappa  Swamy” who meditated at the caves only a couple of feet below the summit. The caves are not very deep and inhabited by bats which are also accessible for visits.

Description of the trek:

LocationKarnataka, India
Duration3 hours 
Distance3 to 4 km
Elevation 1,925 Meters or 6,316 ft
Prominence 1,154 Meters or 3,786 ft
Isolation 188.62 km or 117.20 mi
Difficulty levelEasy to Moderate

Mullayanagiri Peak is one of the most famous trekking destinations in Karnataka, India. The trail of the trek is fairly easy to do and the scenery is awe striking. The easy trek can be challenging if the trail is farther ventured to Baba Budangiri Hills. 

Preferred time to visit the trek:

September to April is the perfect time to visit the trek. Winter is wonderful since temperature ranges between 14 to 32 degree celsius. To see the western ghats alive, monsoon which is June to September can be an ideal time too. The view looks like a rich shade of green with fog creating an air of mystery. 

Itinerary of the trek:

The Mullayanagiri Trek can be completed in a few hours. To enrich the experience, one can explore Baba Budangiri Hills too which is 12 km away from the peak of Mullayanagiri and take in Manikyadhara Falls which is 9 km away. A little 10 km away, there lies a Deviramma Temple to explore too. 

The Trek can be spread over 2 days if you plan to trek these places. To take most of the experience, it is preferred to consider a tour package. The price of the trek is affordable as it starts from 3,500 INR or so inclusive of transportation, accommodation, meals, a guide and a permit. 

If considering a group trek and plan overnight camp, the trail will start early in the morning. But one can leave during the day if not intended to stay for the night camp. 

Note: There are no restrictions on trek timings. The trek is open throughout the day. 

Essential things to carry  on the trek:

  • Backpack
  • Sports or hiking shoes
  • Light sweaters nights are cooler than the days.
  • Raincoat, especially for the monsoon season.
  • Water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Dry snacks to be energized.

Places to explore around Mullayanagiri Peak Trek:

Coffee Museum Chikmagalur – 

The place is the best for coffee lovers. The museum will take one back to the historical tour of coffee plantations in the south of India. One can learn the art of making coffee and its various aspects. The museum is run by the Coffee Board of India and is one of the most visited places by the tourists. One can enjoy their time while learning the intriguing process of harvesting, drying, roasting and grinding of the coffee beans.

Location – Dasarahalli, Karnataka 

Distance from the trek – 7.6 kilometers 

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary – 

The place is located in the Chikkamaguluru district. Apart from being a tiger reserve, the place is a house of numerous species of flora and fauna. The place also offers wildlife photography. One can also climb Kallathigiri mountains from where one can witness a spectacular view of the surroundings.

Location – Behind Ranganathaswamy Temple, Lakkavalli, Karnataka

Distance from the trek – 80.5 kilometers

Hebbe Falls – 

The place is one of the most ideal places to enjoy a picnic admisting the serene surroundings. The height of the falls is 168 meters. One can decide to trek here for adventure or can hire a cab too. The locals believe that the water of the fall comprises some medicinal properties which is also a reason for tourist attraction. 

Location – Chikkamagaluru District, Kesavinamane, Karnataka

Distance from the trek –  66.8 kilometers

Z Point

 If seeking for more adventure then trekking to Z point is a good option. After a steep trek with elevation of 1500 meters above sea level the Z point features deep gorges and allows one to enjoy the blissful vistas of Kemmangundi. 

Location – Chikamgalur, Karnataka

Distance from the trek – 59 kilometers 

Necessary Tips to visit the trek:

  • Check if the trek requires forest permission or not. 
  • It is preferred to wear comfortable clothes for the trek.
  • Carry all the essentials such as first aid kit, mosquito repellents, power bank, sunscreen, moisturizer, shades and many more.
  • Before planning the trip, do not forget to check weather conditions. 
  • Do carry cash as cards are not used or accepted everywhere. 
  • Do not carry any precious belongings due to theft or loss.
  • Stay hydrated all the time. 

Homestays near the trek:

Here is a  list of few homestays near Mullayanagiri Trek – 

  • Thotadhahalli 

Price for the night – 2200 INR approximately 

  • Scenic Acres

Price for the night – 3600 INR approximately 

  • Thippanahalli 

Price for the night – 1400 INR approximately 

  • The Great Escafe

Price for a night – 2100 INR approximately 

  • Thanmaya 

Price for a night – 2300 INR approximately 

If you are lured by the fascinating Mullayanagiri Trek, then do taste the adventure by visiting the trek and other various places near the place.