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Gokarna is a true beach paradise in Karnataka’s northernmost region! It boasts five major beaches with pure water, mild waves, and spectacular views! Gokarna Main Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach are among them. Between these beaches are beautiful green hills, making Gokarna an even more interesting site to visit. These hills not only add to the overall beauty of Gokarna’s landscape, but they also provide access to the exciting Gokarna Beach Trek.

Best time to visit

The Gokarna Beach Trek is a 10-kilometer journey that includes walking along the beaches. The entire voyage would consist of a one-way ferry ride and a one-way hike. Gokarna is a hot place, and the sun can be fairly intense in the summer. As a result, the best time to make this walk is between October and February.

Difficulty Level

Gokarna Beach Trip is a simple trek suitable for anyone with basic fitness. That is, if you are active for at least a few days per week, it will be a simple trek for you. The sun may be a little intense, but this is not a difficult journey. Apply sunscreen and stay hydrated for a fun-filled day! The majority of the walk consists of trudging through the hills and crossing them to get to the next beach. However, there is some climbing and boulder crossing along the way.

Where to begin?

The Gokarna Beach Trek can begin at either of the two extreme ends, namely Gokarna Main Beach or Belekan Beach. However, there is no trail connecting Gokarna Main Beach and Kudle Beach. You must use the regular road to go to Kudle Beach, which is why Gokarna Main Beach is not included in the Gokarna Beach Trek. So you may begin your walk at Kudle Beach and work your way to Paradise Beach. The advantage of this alternative is that you can spend more time in the morning on Kudle Beach and Om Beach, which are the most fun to swim at. Furthermore, the second half of the journey – beyond Om Beach – is mostly through the jungle. This is very soothing when the sun is shining brilliantly. However, it is not a major issue in any case.

Alternatively, you can begin the Gokarna Beach Trek from Belekan or Paradise Beach. If you take a group tour from Bangalore or another place, your journey will almost always begin in Belekan Beach. Belekan Beach does not have much sand or a lengthy shoreline; it is only a location where the Tour Operator can take you on the Road from the other side. If you are doing this trip without a tour operator (which is extremely realistic and possible), you can take a ferry to Paradise Beach and begin the walk there. You’ll just miss out on the 1-1.5-kilometer hike from Belekan Beach to Paradise Beach. This option offers two major benefits. You are under no obligation to catch a ferry by the end of the day. If you start early enough, you’ll have plenty of time to relax at each beach and enjoy a calm lunch. You’ll also arrive in time for the sunset. Another advantage of this choice is that the possibilities of seeing dolphins on the route to Paradise Beach are better early in the morning when there haven’t been many boat rides.

From Half Moon to Om Beach

After relaxing and renewing yourself at Half Moon Beach, you can begin your journey towards Om Beach. There is a short ascent at the start, followed by a gradual track through the trees. This section of the journey is once again a lot of fun! A cliff just before Om Beach provides a great view of the entire Om Beach. At this point, you can view the beach’s Om Shape from the top. Om Beach View Point is the pin. As a result, stopping here is well worth it. The immaculate Om Beach is a short distance ahead of this location.


Gokarna is a town in the Indian state of Karnataka on the Arabian Sea. It is a major Hindu pilgrimage destination and is recognized for sacred monuments such as the Mahabaleshwar Temple, which includes a shrine devoted to the deity Shiva. Gokarna Beach Trek is a fantastic way to explore Gokarna’s beaches. You can begin the trek from either Kudle Beach or Paradise Beach. The goal of this journey is to cover all of Gokarna’s major beaches on foot by crossing the hills that exist between them.

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