How Much Does it Cost to Make a Mobile Game?

mobile game development cost

Do you have a unique game idea and want to convert it into a fruitful mobile game? Do you know how much it will cost you? Because cost plays a vital role in the success of mobile games. In this article, we are going to know the development cost of a mobile game. So you can have an idea and can proceed for mobile game development.

Mobile game development cost depends on various factors. To know the exact cost you can discuss your game project with a mobile game development company

The most vital aspect you should count before the beginning development process is that the cost depends on various factors. To know how much you will have to spend on a game to give it a perfect shape, you need to know all the important factors that consume cost. 

Let’s know the cost affecting factors of a mobile game. 

Top Factors that Affects the Mobile Game Development Cost

Here are the key factors that decide the cost of mobile game development. Let’s get to know them one by one. 

  • Game Idea

A game idea is everything when you are going to develop your own mobile game. Because the success of a game depends on gaming ideas. So, always try to make it rich and unique. If your game idea is easy then development cost will be less because all functions and features will be easy to implement. But, if the game idea is complex then it will consume too much time, resources, and effort. All that will increase the cost. 

  • Game Development Platform

First, choose your target audience and know which platform they are using. Because there are a number of game development platforms. Aways make proper research about the market, competitors, and your possible audience. You can choose a single platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. this will cost you less but, you will be able to target only a particular audience. To run your game on all devices you can opt for multiplatform compatibility. But, it will cost you more in comparison to a single platform. To get more results you should go with multiplatform. 

  • Game Development Team

To give a perfect shape to your game idea you need an expert and skilled game development team. That can offer you a mobile game platform as you want and you can make a difference in the existing gaming world. But, when you hire a team, you have to check their expertise, experience, skills, complete projects, etc. here, experience plays a vital role and if you hire a professional team that has rich experience then it will also cost you more. 

Always pay attention to the hiring price of developers, because they charge per hour and developers from the USA, EU, and other developed countries charge a lot. So, you can hire game developers from India that will charge you less and will  offer you the best development services.

  • Features and Functions

The more features and functions you will integrate in your game platform the more cost you have to pay. But, features and functions are the key parts of any game app that make them successful. If you want to attract users and engage them then you have to offer them fruitful features. By using, they can enchant themselves in a better way. Always try to consider the latest and trending features in your game platform. It may add more cost but surely offer you the best results. 

  • Game Development Time

Time is a big factor behind the game development cost. The more time it will take the more cost you have to pay. Because all your development team like designers, developers, content creators, graphic designers, etc., is working on a game project and is taking charges on an hourly basis. So, always try to complete it on a particular deadline to save money. 

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are used to make transactions. So, if you integrate more payment gateways in your game platform, then your target audience will be able to make their transactions in a smooth way and they will be able to choose their desired one. The more payment gateways the more cost will be. 

  • Game Testing and Debugging

Now, the next step is to make your game error free so users can enjoy your gaming platform without facing any error. This step is vital for a smooth gameplay. For that, you have to hire a tester that can find out all bugs and errors from your game platform and can offer your error free platform. 

  • Marketing

Marketing is used to offer your gaming services to your target audience. So that, they can know about your platform and can experience a new experience. When you are choosing your marketing strategies, always pay attention to it. Choose the best one that suits the best for you and offers you the best results. Here, cost plays a vital role and before opting for any strategies decide your budget. 

Mobile Game Development Cost?

As we discussed above, the mobile game development cost depends on various factors. There is a simple concept: the more features you integrate the more cost will be. Here, we are going to count approx costs of different mobile games and it may be up and down according to features and functions. 

Mini Game Development Cost$10K to $20K
Simple 2D Game Development Cost$30K to $40K
Social Game Development Cost$30K to $40K
Mid-Level Game Development Cost$100K to $150K
3D Game Development Cost$150k to 250K
High-End Game Development Cost$500K to $1M
AAA Game Development Cost$1M to $5M
Real Money Game Development Cost$40K to $50K

Final Word

Now, we hope you have a clear picture about the mobile game development cost and what are the factors that affect the cost. Mobile game platforms have become a fruitful business opportunity and everyone wants to churn this. But, a good concept and feature rich platform can help you to achieve the level of success. To discuss your game idea you can take help of a game development company that will guide you the best and help you to enrich your game idea. 

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