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With time, the video gaming industry has flourished significantly. The community of both professionals and novice gamers has become a whole new world of its own. Various game streaming sites, applications, and platforms have come into existence; enabling users to share their gaming experience, gain feedback, and even earn money.

In the midst of this, if you are someone wondering what are the best live streaming platforms for gamers, this article will be a good read for you. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about different gaming streaming platforms and the features they offer, so that you pick the right one and start broadcasting your gameplay at once.

So, ready to check for the list?

Here we begin.


The very first live streaming platform for gamers is Twitch.

This platform comes loaded with ample features, such as social media elements, flexible user interface, compatibility with renowned video streaming utilities, exclusive emoticons and rich functionality, additional chat room, and much more. Besides, its services are accessible to all for free.

2. HitBox

Another impressive gaming community app that is attracting a wider audience is HitBox.

The platform, unlike various other competing video gaming streaming platforms, work using a fine color scheme. It avails users with a simple yet engaging interface and a highly appreciable streaming options along with easy categorization of videos. That implies, gamers can search for videos categorized under private, public, and other collections.

What’s the best part, it is available for free.

3. Beam

The next platform that gamers must consider is Beam.

Available on both Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Chromecast, Beam is a community of more than 100,000 viewers, slickest designs and seamless browsing process. The platform also comes with the facility to record videos with 4K ability at frame rate of 60fps.

4. YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is also one of the best platforms for gamers. Available on both Android and iOS, it provides users with an opportunity to access videos with 4K resolution at 60 fps frame rate, try their hands on various advanced tools, and multitude of transcoding facilities. 

This gaming community application is also widely preferred by youngsters for sharing their impeccable gaming experience and initiating better interactions with each other.

5. Rcade 

Rcade is also a popular gaming community app that empowers users to capture, edit and share screenshots of their gaming experience with others in real-time and get rewards in return.

6. Gosu Gamers

This is also one of the finest gaming platforms that are liked by youngsters the most. 

Tied especially to eSports activities, it supports varied file formats of video content, make better interactions with other users, operates with multiple advanced tools, and much more.

7. Azubu 

Azubu is also one of the popular live streaming platforms for gamers. 

The platform enables users to get access to well-organized and high-quality content related to games, TV shows, and more. It works in collaboration with various streaming experts and ensures that viewers can easily identify the remarkable streamers for their favorite games. 

8. DLive 

Though quite new in the market, DLive is also one of the innovative streaming platforms to watch out for. It has gained a huge momentum in the market because of support from PewDiePie, a popular gamer and YouTube #1 individual creator and functionalities like enjoying the best of community building and monetizing strategies.

9. Afreeca

Last but not least, Afreeca is also a popular platform that fits the gamer’s live streaming needs. It lets users save their favorite games in an archive list, find the right broadcaster, and relish incredible live streamed video content.

So, these were some of the live streaming platforms for gamers that are ruling the marketplace. Choose any of these and experience what it feels like enjoying the best of the gaming and live streaming worlds.

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