10 Mobile Apps That Will Change Your Smartphone Experience

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Are you reading this article on your smartphone or desktop? Well, it doesn’t matter because both of them are working on operating systems. You must know that almost 7 people out of 10 use smartphones to surf the internet and do plenty of other tasks. It is because smartphones are handy and capable of doing everything that a desktop can. In today’s world, there is an app for everything you want, like from ordering grocery to buying cloths online. You think of it, your smartphone experience fulfill all your wishes.

Today’s market is flooded with more than three million apps, and new ones are ready to make the debut. There are various apps that are free for android users while iOS users have to pay an amount for the same, and vice versa. Android is the world’s most commonly used smartphone platform used by almost 67% of the manufacturers. On the other hand, iOS is only used in Apple smartphones. Thus, while buying the smartphone, people always choose the operating systems carefully, as switching from Android to iOS or vice versa will require them to repurchase apps in the Apple app store or Google play store.

If you have changed your mobile operating system from iOS to Android or Android to iOS, here are the ten best apps that can add value to your smartphone and improve your experience.

Let’s take a read.

1. Google Chrome – (Free)

Google Chrome is one of the most renowned and widely used web browsers that offer a host of features that aim to protect your privacy and security on the web. Every second person uses this browser because of many unique and useful features. For example, it involves built-in blockers for pop-ups, scripts, ads, and many third-party cookies. This mobile app ensures providing secured connections while visiting any sites by implementing the HTTPS everywhere extension. One of the best things about this app is that it is free to use and installed in both Android and iOS smartphones.

2. WhatsApp Messenger – (Free)

WhatsApp is the most successful smartphone app in the world that connects everyone from any corner of the world. It can be installed in both Android and iOS operating system without paying a penny. Recently, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and upgraded this smartphone app with the feature of encrypted messaging. It helps send the message from one end to another without any doubt related to hacking or leakage of the confidential message.

3. Fitbit – (Free)

If you are a fitness junky and searching for an app that can track your fitness, then Fitbit is the smart choice. It works pretty well on both the operating systems. The Fitbit app counts every step, heartbeats, and log activities to help you attain your daily fitness goal. The data you insert in the app will always remain encrypted. It also provides you a whole workout regimen and makes you aware of your habits. Having this app on your smartphone can help you stay in shape.

4. Spotify – (Nominal Subscription Fee)

Listening to music is a habit of many people across the globe. Spotify is a smartphone app that can be installed in both Android and iOS operating systems. After using it for a week or a month, you need to pay an amount of $9.99 per month as a subscription fee. The app has become mainstream for a legal music stream in which you can shuffle through the albums, selected songs, and even create your playlist. One of the best parts of Spotify is that it streams the songs on the same day of its launch. Most of the students listen to music on Spotify app while completing their coursework writing task.

5. Adobe Lightroom – (Nominal Subscription Fee)

Back in the 19th century, people started clicking pictures, and over time, they realized the need to have a photo editing software to edit the photo and make it the way they wanted. But due to the lack of resources, they could barely edit the photo on the desktop. This led to the creation of many photo editing apps.

The Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and the widely used photo-editing apps with raw camera file profiles, profile-based lens corrections, noise reduction, and many more useful & effective features. The app can be installed on the desktop and smartphone and runs well on both the operating systems.

6. Google Photos – (Free)

Many people around the world love photography, but if the storage capacity is stopping you from taking more photos, consider installing Google Photos app on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you are using an Android or iOS phone; it works effectively on both.

It provides you with an infinite online storage capacity to enjoy taking and storing photos as much as you want. The Google photos can detect the time, place, and person without even spending much time searching for the picture. You just need to identify the album, and there you go. Apart from this feature, it also helps you digitize physical photos using a Photo scan or through a custom photo book.

7. ESPN – (Free)

If you want your smartphone to notify all the sports-related news, installing the ESPN app is the best available option. It covers a sheer number of sports and entertainment news, and you can easily set alerts and follow all the on-going football, cricket, hockey, or any match. The app is user friendly, and you can access or discover many sections without any hassle.

8. Kindle – (Nominal Subscription Fee)

Want to read a book, but don’t have it on your library shelf? No issue. The Amazon Kindle app puts all your needs at the tips of your fingers. You can install this amazing app in your Android or iOS operating system, and have access to millions of books at a very nominal subscription charge. If you are a bookworm, having this app on your smartphone can certainly improve your experience.

9. Bitwarden – (Free)

Having a bank payment app in your smartphone experience is one thing, and protecting all the passwords is another. If you are using a smartphone, you must install the Bitwarden app. It runs effectively on both operating platforms, that too, without charging any subscription fee. It protects all your passwords and essential documents from getting hacked or leaked to the unwanted source. It generates your password and helps import your credentials directly to your registered mobile number or email address. Best of all, Bitwarden is free and open-source.

10. Google Duo – (Free)

Google Duo was released back in 2016, and since then, it has been gaining popularity among many people. It gives a tough competition to Skype and FaceTime. If your internet speed is slightly sluggish, Google Duo is one of the best and smooth performing apps to have audio and video calls without any interruption. You can install this app from the Play Store or App Store, without paying a single dime.

These are the top 10 mobile apps that can improve your smartphone experience. Each app has its own features, which you must avail of as most of them are free to use. These apps are designed to ease your life and provide you unlimited storage, password protection, etc. in your smartphone.

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