Knowing the mobile app quality assurance in a better way

mobile app quality assurance

  The mobile app quality assurance is the procedure that does help in the prevention of mistakes that seem to be happening in the developed applications. The feature helps in primarily avoiding the problems while delivering them to the users. The mobile app quality assurance is one of the major segments of the app developing process that primarily focuses on providing confidence in the quality requirements being fulfilled. It is helpful for a number of procedures that again becomes helpful for the users. 

Procedures that are helpful for the users


If the mobile app is dedicated to some specific group of users that are in need of an introduction to the product, then it helps them by providing the proper training with the help of a QA team. 

Quality review

The quality review holds an integral place as it provides the users with the needful that they have been thriving for. The quality review is primarily held with the help of manual tests and by the writing and execution of the tests that take place automatically. 

Setting standards

The QA is capable of providing you with the best suggestion that does help in suggesting the best app environment. This can thus be recommended from the particular system or version that the app should be in support of. The choosing of the devices that help for the testing of the app or does help in the advising on the terms related to the security issues. This feature is usually seemed to be in use in the banking apps. 

Selection of tools

The selection of tools can be termed to be one of the most important of all as it provides the app with the convenience of using as per the demand. 

Mobile app testing services

The mobile app testing service is one of the major procedures by the use of which the software that is developed for the testing for the handheld mobile devices is done to check some of its features that include usability, consistency, and functionality. The Mobile app testing services  do have the inclusion of providing two types of testing that includes automated testing and manual testing. 

Types of Mobile app testing services

Functional testing

The procedure helps in ensuring the fact that the mobile application is performing as per the needs. Most of the functional tests are conducted on the basis of call flow and user interface. 

Interruption testing- Interruption testing is the process of testing an application that is continuously facing many interruptions during the period of functioning. These interruptions can be in many forms that may have the inclusion of some of the common types that include, 

  • Incoming notifications.
  • Regular interruptions in incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Fluctuations in the outgoing and incoming process of MMS and SMS. 
  • Problems arising in battery removal.
  • Problems in network recovery and outage.
  • Automatic switch on and switch off of media player.
  • Interruptions that occurs in the device power cycle.
  • Problems are occurring due to the insertion of cable and removal of it for the data transferring procedure. 

Laboratory testing

The process is normally carried out with the help of network carriers and is performed by the simulating process of the complete wireless network. The test is performed primarily for finding out the glitches that are present in the mobile application

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