Men’s Concert Outfits | Different Styles To Try

men’s concert outfits

Different Kinds of Outfits to Wear to a Concert

If you’re a dude, sometimes it’s tough to find styling inspiration for men’s concert outfits. But fellas, I’ve got your back! In this post, I’ll talk about some up-to-date outfits to get you to the concert in rockstar style. Let’s break it down with a selection of different kinds of outfits to wear to different types of concerts!

The Year of the Cowboy

Western styling is everywhere you look this year, and you don’t even need to be attending a country music concert to wear it. If Ken can rock a Western look in the Barbie movie, then it’s certainly “Kenough” for you as a men’s concert outfit!

Western boots, fringe, and denim for days are the anchors of the look. And just like at the Mojo Dojo Casa House, the horses are not to be spared! Wear that bolo tie! Wear those comfortable boots! Wear the wildest embroidered, Western-style shirt you can find, with pearl snaps and contrasting piping included. 2023’s Western look is a winner for country music concerts or a night out on the town, so slap on those spurs and jingle, jangle, jingle.

Headbanging Attire

Heavy metal and punk rock are two badass concert looks with much in common. Rebellious teen spirit animates both forms. And what better way to release a rebel yell than with a black leather jacket? Choose the classic “Fonzie” biker look or this year’s sleek moto jacket. Either way, the leather jacket is the pivot piece for your headbanging men’s concert outfit.

Add a pair of heavy black combat boots for a dangerous edge, then shimmy into skinny black jeans. Or try relaxed fit cargos in camo or olive drab, adding high-top Chucks. Metalheads like their black, so a plain black T-shirt is perfect for a metal concert.

For a punk concert, take a page from Johnny Rotten’s book. Rip that vintage punk band T-shirt (Sex Pistols, naturally), pin it back together, then be sure to drop some mustard on it at the concession stand while you’re eating a hot dog! Skinny jeans ripped to perfection and a pair of biker boots align with your punk theme. 

Grunge Revival

It’s smelling like teen spirit again this year, long after Courtney and Kurt’s turn as the “it” couple of 90s grunge. Grunge revival is everywhere in 2023, slinking down the catwalks of the world.

There’s plenty of crossover between grunge 2.0 and metal/punk, especially in the mutual emblem of the leather biker jacket. This concert look will take you to indie gigs in intimate venues or the stadium for a big-name rock band and everything in between. It’s this year’s model, so wear this men’s concert outfit wherever you’re rocking!

Choose a deconstructed sweater worn with a T-shirt underneath in a contrasting color to highlight the sweater’s irregularities. The pants for this look are 2023’s roomier model and worn more at the waist than on the hips. As with the punk look, jeans are ripped and denim is favored but trending toward blue denim, rather than black. A big chunky work shoe is favored for grunge 2.0.

Get Fancy for Taylor

Concert tours like the Eras Tour don’t come along every day. And Taylor Swift’s awfully fancy, so maybe it’s time to get your fancy on too with a super-slick men’s concert outfit!

Nothing says fancy like a tailored suit. For an occasion like this, own the VIP lounge with a sleek suit in Sharkskin and a dress shirt worn with cufflinks. Or try a T-shirt printed with one of this year’s glorious patterns for menswear. Bust out the envy-inducing timepiece and polish your formal Oxfords to “blinding.” Now, that’s fancy!

Concerts are a great opportunity to hone your fashion chops. And looking as good as you will in these concert outfit ideas, you might as well be with the band.