Putting The Best in Philippines Against Each Other

MBBS in Philippines

There’s no doubt that MBBS in Philippines is one of the most sought-after prospects in recent times, thanks to the presence of renowned and prestigious NMC/MCI-approved medical colleges there. People are mainly attracted due to the updated curriculum and world-class amenities that ensure that students get a vibrant and enriching learning experience.

However, confusion persists among many regarding which university to choose for Mbbs in Philippines. This post tries to briefly clear out these doubts by comparing 2 of the most commonly sought-after universities at present in the Philippines namely, the AMA School of Medicine and the Emilio Aguinaldo College.

This post compares the 2 on a variety of important parameters and tries to judge the better university out of the 2.

Courses Offered

The main 2 courses that are offered in the AMA School of Medicine include the BS+MD course as well as the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course. Though less in number, both these courses offer a comprehensive study of various clinical, psychological, biological, and other medical fields.

Coming to the Emilio Aguinaldo College, there are 5-10 medical disciplines that are covered, each having a separate school and faculty dedicated to it. Everything from Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Medical Technology among others are taught here.  It comes in top medical colleges in Philippines.

Looking at both the universities, it won’t be wrong to say that while the AMA School of Medicine offers a more compact course list which covers a lot through little, the Emilio Aguinaldo College has a more encompassing course list that covers as many medical disciplines as possible.

Other Amenities

Talking of the AMA School of Medicine, students are assured a number of services, the most prominent ones of which are mentioned below: –

  • Blends of traditional and non-traditional pedagogical techniques.
  • Hands-on laboratory work, including anatomy dissection
  • Vast module of learning materials

On the other hand, the Emilio Aguinaldo College too has several attractive features in its arsenal, some of which include: –

  • Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest communication technology.
  • Online and offline libraries accessible to the students throughout most of the day.
  • Office of International Students that looks after the interests and well-being of the foreign/international students enrolling here.

It’s evident that both these institutions are well-matched when it comes to the amenities provided.


There are a couple of campuses of the AMA School of Medicine, located in Cavite and Makati. The BS+MD course in the former costs around INR 14-15 Lakh while it costs INR 18-19 Lakh in the latter.

Though not yet available in the Cavite Campus, MD course in the Makati campus costs around INR 14 Lakh.

On the other hand, the Emilio Aguinaldo College charges somewhere in the ballpark of INR 23-24 Lakh for its 4-year MD course as well as all the other disciplines.

The purpose of this post was to help students determine the better college out of the two, by making a well-thought out and informed decision regarding the same.

All in all, if we take a look at the institutions/universities mentioned above, we see that both of them are equally matched with only negligible differences putting them apart from one another. Thus, when it comes to pursuing Mbbs in Philippines, students can choose any one of the colleges between the Emilio Aguinaldo College and AMA School of Medicine.

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