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Buying a car, owning a home, going on a long trip etcetera are some of the most common dreams of many of us. We toil day and night to find the budget to realize those long-cherished wishes. Choosing the right dealership and finding the best builder is essential when you proceed ahead to attain those. Since you are searching for top Maruti dealers in Calicut, we presume that you are close to realizing one of your greatest wishes; owning a four-wheeler. 

Maruti is undoubtedly the best car brand in India. No other car manufacturer has been successful in every segment of four-wheelers, i.e. sedan, hatchback, SUV, and MPV. It is a known fact that Maruti was the one that changed the Indian car market in the early 1980s. It quickly replaced the obsolete models from the other brands. Having a broad idea about Indian car buyers’ perceptions, the brand introduces new models/ segments. 

You should always opt for the best Maruti car dealership to buy the car. It will not only ensure you the best and transparent deals but also will be helpful in after-sales support. Purchasing a car from the largest Maruti car dealership in Kerala is the most advisable thing, which will aid you in undertaking preventive, as well as, corrective maintenance wherever you are. We are enumerating here the top Maruti car dealers in Calicut for you to select the right one to own a four-wheeler from Maruti.

We have considered offers extended by the dealers, special deals, chain of showrooms, after-sales support, customer care, and other relevant aspects before preparing the list. Let’s have a look at the top Maruti car dealers in Calicut.

1. Indus Motors

Indus has an unblemished legacy of more than three decades. With an ever-growing clientele and maximum sales each year, they have been instrumental in increasing the sales prospects of Maruti cars in Kerala. You will find an Indus showroom, wherever you are located in Calicut (Kozhikode). 

We observed that the dealership has been true to its words and focuses on transparent dealings. Their executives are also trained to provide the best support to the clientele. Choose Indus Motors to have a great drive in your Maruti car. 


Contact: 04847122606

2. AM Motors

Established in the year 2000, AM Motors is another prominent Maruti car dealership in Calicut. They attained the second spot in the top Maruti car dealers in Kozhikode through customer-oriented services and matchless technical facilities for ensuring optimum servicing support. AM has many outlets in Calicut and a wide presence in 05 districts in Kerala. It also has a driving school associated with the showroom. 

The dealership has been growing constantly, with word of the mouth publicity from customers. Check out AM Motors if you are thinking of buying a Maruti car.


Contact: 9895951111

3. Carino Motors

Carino Motors is a comparatively new Maruti car dealership, which is in infant stages. They consider the customer delight the first thing a dealership must possess. Aiming for optimal customer satisfaction, the dealership has a formulated process to provide ideal customer support in buying and servicing Maruti cars.    

Drop by Carino Motors if you want to buy a car from a new, but caring, Maruti car dealership. The client-friendly atmosphere and organized dealings have made Carino Motors one of the top Maruti car dealers in Calicut.


Contact:  7592898888      

4. Popular Arena

Popular is one of the pioneering Maruti car dealers in Kerala. Preserving the legacy intact, the dealership has been expanding with more showrooms across the state. Located at one of the prime spots in Kozhikode, Popular Arena may be your choice for buying a brand new Maruti car.

Popular has a carefully designed infrastructure and advanced facilities for ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. Be it during the purchase or after-sales service. The dealership ensures excellent customer support during the entire lifetime. The care and support make them one of the top Maruti car dealerships in Kozhikode. 

You can opt for buying a Maruti car from any of the dealerships mentioned here. Of course, there are many other Maruti car dealers as well. However, we suggest you choose the showroom, to buy your dream car wisely. As you will be requiring their constant support for preventive, corrective, and periodic maintenance activities. An irresponsible dealer can make the servicing complicated. 

We believe that the dealer should be proactive and should inform the customer regarding the maintenance due and undertake necessary arrangements for the same. Considering the busy work/ life schedule of the client, the customer care executive also should initiate pick up, servicing, and return of the vehicle on as required basis. 

What do you think? What are your suggestions regarding the top Maruti car dealerships in Calicut? Do you have any queries regarding buying a brand new Maruti car? 

Let us know all your concerns and queries through the comment box below. 

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