Martin Lloyd Sanders a Public Health Professional Shares His In-Depth Knowledge of Public Health

Martin Lloyd Sanders

The health of every individual is precious to the authorities of the place they reside in; it is there that the concept of public health comes into presence. Public health is about protecting and promoting the proper health of the people within the physical space of where they dwell and carry out all other life activities. Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders has a deep understanding of public health and has experience of more than ten years in occupational safety and health as also epidemiology.

For the authorities to be able to help the common person maintain his health, it is imperative they are educated about it. Public health professionals carry out this work. The public health officers help in making the people aware of the health hazards and how to stay away from sicknesses and injuries. Individuals’ behavior is also considered a part of speculation and correction when a healthy holistic approach is considered.

Conducting scientific research is also a part of the work of public health professionals. From administering vaccines to informing people about the ill effects of alcohol and tobacco are also among the tasks performed by these health officers. The public health professionals further work towards developing the nutrition programs at schools and monitor the health safety standards that ought to be practiced at work.

Captain Martin Sanders acquired his doctorate in the discipline of public health and has since then been invested in biosafety and biosecurity. He has always been very proactive in imparting knowledge on health and safety to anyone who is interested in learning about it. In his blog on public health, too, he gives a detailed description of some of the public health functions.

Some of the prominent functions of public health can be listed as follows:

  1. Spreading awareness is one of their foremost duties to let more and more people know about how they could maintain their health in an ideal way.
  2. Monitoring the health of the community and taking care that people do not fall ill.
  3. Identification of the present health issues that may be present within the community.
  4. Facilitating and initiating health education programs, particularly for the people living in the rural areas.
  5. Conceptualizing and developing health service programs for the common good.
  6. Formulating policies and regulations for the people to follow so that they can remain healthy.
  7. Performing scientific research to find the solution to existing grave health issues.
  8. Finding out the probable health hazards for the community
  9. Giving suggestions and a listening ear to people who might be affected by some serious health issues.

Because of public health professionals like Martin Lloyd Sanders and their dedication, people are made aware of the possible health issues that come up now and then. However, not everyone can impart the same kind of awareness. A complete course in public health is what helps one get all the knowledge required to help people stay healthy and safe. 

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