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What is digital marketing apps? If you have an online business or service like a blog, you might reach the number of followers you have. But how do you expand your audience? That is where marketing apps come in. 

Plenty of valuable time is lost to mundane routines like traffic and lining up at the supermarket or banks. Many people use those moments to scroll through their social media apps, which makes mobile marketing apps for business a serious bridge between content creators and their audiences. 

Good marketing apps come in all variations. So how would you like to find out the best ones for yourself or crew? The list below highlights four marketing apps worth mentioning, just like free bingo no deposit.


Pretty much everyone working online knows that WordPress exists among marketing apps. WordPress runs more than a quarter of the internet. It is always near the top apps marketing digital list because of the powerful features it has. Besides, only a few marketing apps are as SEO friendly as WordPress is, making it flexible to your app marketing strategies. 

Users have access to unlimited design options for the websites they create, which gives many mobile app marketing techniques the leeway to feature-rich content. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites have integrations that marketing apps can use to link content across platforms. WordPress connects your social media accounts, allowing you to seamlessly publish content across all connected platforms at the same time. 

This versatility is what the best marketing apps have to offer right off the bat. WordPress has one of the most responsive mobile interfaces of any marketing apps you might find. This feature makes it suitable for developers on all platforms to extend their digital marketing app preferences from their native device without necessarily having to translate for other platforms. 

This marketing app is easily accessible, and it offers high security and performance while letting you manage your app marketing on the go. It is available on mobile for Android and iOS.


App marketing can get boring and repetitive. What if you had marketing apps that would let you set and forget instructions, and do the marketing for you? Yes, that is what IFTTT does for you. 

Marketing apps like this use triggers to initiate any set of instructions you set. IFTTT has a variety of applets you can use as your mini-marketing apps. These carry out a particular function, but only after you set certain trigger events for it. 

For example, if you’re advertising on Instagram, your connected marketing apps on IFTTT can notify you anytime there are comments or other engagements on the post. IFTTT also allows you to respond to the engagements and monitor the performance of your posts in real-time.

Additionally, over 600 brands can be embedded in your applets, connecting your activities to many other marketing apps. IFTTT can be powerful enough to connect all your marketing apps across different brands and coordinate them all at once- one ring to rule them all. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work across all platforms by coordinating your marketing plan apps to respond to random tasks like taking pictures as triggers to initiate your ongoing campaign? I would jump right on that bandwagon, wouldn’t you?


Do you ever have a stroke of genius and come up with a project that amazes you? Have you ever tried to get it started but lost the executive will to continue? Fear not, because there are marketing apps made precisely for this. 

Trello is designed for project management but doubles up as one of the best marketing apps out there. While it was built for individuals and teams, this marketing app delivers a layout that makes it easy to organize your app marketing strategies. 

If you use it with marketing apps like IFTTT, you will have a powerful combination of tools. Trello lets you arrange your campaign with to-do lists that you can tick off after execution. Marketing apps that show you all the information you need at a glance speed up the organization significantly. 

Many of the best marketing apps have a built-in automation workflow. With robots working for our marketing apps, all you need to do is give them triggers to react to. Trello does this so well by allowing you to set deadlines that align with the timelines set for your marketing apps. 

This feature keeps track of and updates you on the progress of your marketing campaigns across multiple devices. If you would like your marketing apps to work optimally according to plan, Trello is the way to go. Coordinate your marketing apps here on your Android and iOS.


This app is one of many marketing apps that deal with social media management. Hootsuite provides a fleet of services that allows you to customize and manage three or more accounts simultaneously. If you team up this and other marketing apps, you have an unstoppable force.

Discover the opportunities that lie behind uniting all your social media campaigns on one platform. Hootsuite’s inbuilt set of tools for marketing apps makes it ideal for planning an event calendar for creating, publishing, and scheduling posts. 

This collection of marketing apps and tools makes all the connections matter through private and public chats. Hootsuite also allows you to monitor the activity of your streams and manage your content library.

Besides streamlining your analytics, marketing apps should be team-oriented. Hootsuite aligns your team management with the needs of the organization. Team members can be assigned specific tasks which are monitored to realize the effective progress of your marketing apps.  

It is hard to say who the king of marketing apps is. It depends on who you ask, but this suite of marketing apps deserves to be a prime contender.


Marketing apps have come a long way since smartphones came into the scene. Their utility speaks for itself when you think about how hard it is to stand out in today’s online scene. While many of them do the same thing, you best believe it is better to stick to one and harness all its exploits than having a go at all of them at once. 

If you have any questions about these suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Alternatively, if you have any other app suggestions, that would be welcome too.

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Ellen Royce was a manager and is now part of the marketing team, but not as a boss, but as a collective part of the whole, simply called a managing partner for a focused business practice. She prefers the idea of a corporate cooperative.

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