Why make a mockup for a mobile application?

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The model, the first step towards a successful mobile application

No need to develop a mobile application from A to Z to see it work. With a mockup, you can test it, improve the user experience, enrich it, and correct its weaknesses. All at a lower cost and with short deadlines: no reason to abstain!

A mockup is a prototype, a representation of the screens of a future app that allows you to click, navigate from one to another, discover the features, colors and interface. In short, to get an overview, before launching development.

Creating a mockup costs 4 times less than developing

The model offers so many advantages that we have made it a necessary part of our projects. In particular, designing an app costs about four times less than web development Sydney it. In other words, it is better to correct a model than code! It’s also faster: the project will be finished sooner.

But above all, the model makes it possible to create well thought-out mobile applications, more ergonomic, more aesthetic, and more useful. The app market is very competitive: give yourself the means to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Define and optimize the user journey (UX design)

The first quality of an app is to offer a pleasant and intuitive user experience (UX design). The model is the ideal tool to define this course: what is the first proposed task, then the second, the third, etc.? How to structure the screens and organize the navigation so that everything is linked? Should some tasks be simplified?

An example: this dietetic monitoring app that allowed you to enter the details of your meals every day. To go back eight days, it was necessary to scroll through the meals of the day before, then of the day before and so on. This defect jumped out at us on the model. We have created a row of clickable buttons at the top of the screen, one for each day: access to meals is immediate.

A concept that becomes concrete and visual (UI design)

A model is the putting into images of an idea. And we know, a picture is worth 1000 words. Also, after the UX design, we create several versions of the interface, with their menus and their colors (UI design), to allow the customer to project himself and to make his choice. From that moment on, her app is no longer a simple concept: it exists, it is displayed, and it lives. It can convince the decision maker who holds the purse strings. He can test the model internally or with a community of users, and collect valuable feedback.

Clean up the features

An app is adopted if it is useful. Hence the importance of choosing the right features. In many projects, there are too many at the start and the user may get lost. The model makes it possible to distinguish what is essential, to put it forward from the home page and to prioritize everything else, or even to remove the superfluous.

Enrich your app

Sometimes a mockup sparks new (and great) ideas for features. Example: we made the UX / UI design of an escape room app whose interface was inspired by that of Netflix. An idea germinated during the design study workshop: “why not highlight the game designers, as if they were film directors, and suggest other games by the same author?” “. This feature was very popular in user testing.

We can thus explore avenues at a lower cost (reminder: a quarter of the cost of development!), Even if we do not plan to carry them out, just to see how far we can push our mobile application. Magic, isn’t it?

A clear contract, well-executed projects

At Appearance, we produce a mockup in about a month, two or three iterations per week with our client: he follows his project very closely. When it is validated, the project progresses quickly and well. The sponsor knows exactly what he is buying: no risk of unpleasant surprises. Our developers have a repository and, dare we say it, are more motivated: after a validated model, there is little chance that they will be asked to review their copy!

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