How to Make Afro Curls Use Straws

afro curls

There are so many easy and beautiful ways to make afro curls. You can simply do it up with hot curling irons, pomade products, or even just roll it up in a smooth ball. If you’re looking for an easy way on how to make afro curls, start with a flat iron, a small round one will do. You can also add some hairspray to achieve that wavy look. Once you get your hair straightened, try adding some pomade, gel, hairspray, or oil.

The easiest methods for how to make afro with the least amount of heat, utilizing large straws or copper foil. Afro curls are an elegant hairstyle which will add volume to your thin strands. It works best on thick hair, since creating large ringlets manually is often laborious.

The second method is using large foil strips or a large tray for rolling. This way makes the hair less frizzy and keeps the texture of your curls nice and straight. For this method you’ll need to gather some large straws, a large tray or an egg carton for packaging. Wrap the straws in an egg carton or wrap a tray with aluminum foil. Secure each piece of the straw to a plastic comb, not too close to the hairline.

Dip the ends of the large straw into the egg carton or plastic bag for about 5 seconds to soften the ends before sliding them under the hair. This way makes sure the hair strands are pushed down and straightened. For how to make afro curls using aluminum foil, once the strands are bent, pull them away from the head and twist them by twisting them until they are back to their original shape. This helps strengthen the hair shaft by breaking the bonds between the aluminum foil atoms.

To make large afro curls, the first step would be to gather up all of the thin strands and roll them tightly in an egg carton or other packaging. Once the thin strands are together, secure them to the comb just like how you did when preparing to make afro curls using large straws. You can use a rubber band or strong tweezers to hold the strands together to create natural-looking curls.

The next step would be to separate the strands into three sections. The left, right, and back strands must be placed into their respective sections before proceeding. The two large sections of the strands can be rolled into a large loop made from a single wire. The smaller back strands can be placed between the large wire loop but should not be pulled through it. The two small sections of the strands will be wrapped around the large loop to secure it.

Now the smaller middle section of the egg carton can be attached to the large wire loop. The right and back strands are then wrapped around the left and right strands so they are securely knotted. The final step is to secure the egg carton to the hair with either a rubber band or Velcro. Once the egg carton has been attached firmly to the head, the afro can be styled as desired.

The best thing about how to make afro curls using straws is that the process only takes about 15 minutes. This is much faster than the days of waiting days for an expensive professional to complete this task. If you are suffering from frizzy hair that requires to find Best Shampoos and Conditioners For Frizzy Hair to constantly adjust the tightness of your hair every day, then you should definitely look into using this technique. The great thing about how to make afro curls using straws is that you can adjust the amount of volume that you want on your hair. No matter how frizzy your hair may get, you can always make it look like it’s raining because you can simply add more volume using this technique.

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