8 Best & Luxurious Resorts Which One Must Pick To Relax In Chikmagalur

Luxurious Resorts

Chikmagalur is located in the West Ghats in the midst of the Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri ranges, where you can enjoy the magic of your stay. The weekend is great and one of the most incredible holiday spots for families and couples. All year round, tourists can come here. The weather is still warm and friendly. When you visit these resorts, you can choose a budget hotel or luxury living. The picturesque landscapes of Chikmagalur are blessed, and hence you can find Chikmagalur’s most luxurious resorts in that location. Any of them will be discussed below. You can search the top ten resorts listed below if you are looking for this secluded retreat.

8 Chikmagalur Best Resorts

These are the best resorts in Chikmagalur to choose from while admiring the beauty of the place for a relaxing stay.

1. Discovery Plantation Delights

This establishment provides private parties and delicious homemade meals. With each unit, you have a lovely view of the backyard. Activities outside on request can be planned. Both rooms are non-smoking. Both of your guests have a shared dining room. The resort is renowned for its quiet location outside the busy urban center. The resort also provides other outdoor activities on request. On request. You can dine or schedule a meeting with your outdoor furniture. If there is the majority of people in the resort who want it, the facility owner can provide a free bonfire on request.

2. Vistara County Chikmagalur

The resort Vistara is strategically situated on Baikal Road in Anegudde Cross. You are remembered for the unspectacular hospitable experience you have always had in your memory. This Chikmagalur resort is famous for the comfort it offers to its guests. If you want to find a quality holiday for you and your mates, you need to reserve Vistara. The resort lies on the Chikmagalur slopes, offering its guests a comfortable getaway.

3. Greenwood Resort

One of the most decent hotels in Chikmagalur. It offers both online and offline reservations and ensures convenience in the lap of nature. The resort has spacious rooms and well-maintained houses with the best facilities for your convenience. The resort is well maintained and is situated only 50 km from the Kadur Railway Station in its own housekeeping area. Green-Wood Resort is just 152 km from the nearest airport. They also offer exclusive discounts for travelers on weekends. They also have a popular lounge area with a chimney to entertain their guests throughout their stay. Indoor board games with new handmade coffee can be enjoyed in their coffee shop.

4. River Tern Lodge, Jungle Lodges, Lakkavalli

The best resorts in Chikmagalur combine nature and wildlife perfectly. Situated in the west of the Ghats, in Bhadra, this resort is a strategic 2-star resort focused on its services. It is located in Bhadra. Each unit in this establishment is well maintained and fitted to make your stay here pleasant and comfortable, with all kinds of modern facilities. The hotel also has a garden, games rooms, yoga center.

5. Ozone Valley

Ozone Valley is absolutely surrounded and in pristine habitats by coffee plantations. Particularly for people who wish to spend a weekend out of the busy city and spend their time peacefully in this secluded, peaceful spot, this is a perfect getaway venue. While you’re here, it’s easy to get the vibrations of jungle-smelling flowers and drink your coffee from coffee grounds here. The resorts also have a reception desk, restaurant, parking facilities, and room service. During your whole visit, they are kept clean and smooth.

6. Gavikal Club & Resort

Gavikal is a home that will allow you to discover Chikmagalur’s culture and people and cuisine. Gavikal has been well-known for its unique arrangements and peaceful vibes that give guests its place since its inception in 2009, and it’s been serving its guests for 10 years. This resort is advice for nature enthusiasts. From every unit of this resort, you can experience the picturesque beauty of the Western Ghats. This home is classified as a budget stay for people who want to travel but who do not want to spend too much on accommodation.

7. The Serai Chikmagalur

Located on a green hillside of Western Ghats, the Serai Chikmagalur is surrounded by an atmospheric landscape with a natural blend of woody and trees. It has a tradition of happy and sad moments and interactions visitors have had in this position for overtime. The place has seen many significant debates in its lounge while sipping different tastes of homemade coffee. You can also experience and rest your soul, which lures you to the Chikmagalur luxurious resort.

8. Jhari Eco Stay

Jhari Eco Stay is one of Chikmagalur’s best family destinations. The location has fascinating cascades and picturesque surroundings. There are many events that can be organized by the owner of the facility for its guests at this location. This resort is situated in the natural lap, just 18 kilometers from Chikmagalur. Watching birds and walking in nature are two of the most common activities in the resort. 

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