How To Lower Your Metro Pcs Bill

metro pcs bill

One of the things that many people look to do when they want to save money or cut back on their expenses is their cell phone bill. Metro Pcs has some of the most competitively priced plans out there, but there are many ways to make these plans even cheaper so you can get more use from them and save more money in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to lower your Metro Pcs bill!

Ways to Decrease Cellular Data Usage

Suppose you’re struggling to keep your cellular data consumption in check; there are several ways to lower your usage. One of these ways is by limiting mobile-data speeds on a per-app basis. You can do so by heading into Settings > Cellular and scrolling down to View Usage Data Per App. Tap each app individually and turn off Mobile Data (the toggle will be in a grayed-out state if it’s been disabled for that particular app). 

Note: This doesn’t work on all Android devices; however, most modern versions will include it as an option in their settings.

Ways to Manage Your Cell Phone Minutes

If you spend a good deal of time away from home, you rely on your cell phone to stay in touch with friends and family back home. This can be costly if you do not wisely manage your cell phone minutes. To lower your cell phone bill, follow these tips: Contact Everyone. Let everyone know that they will need to call you at specific times so that you can limit what you are paying for monthly minutes. For example, if two people can only call each other in a given month, ensure everyone knows when to call and what day of the week is best for each person.

Ways to Avoid Overages and Excess Charges

Many people are shocked when they receive their first mobile phone bill and realize that there’s a hefty overage charge. With a little planning, you can avoid these huge bills. The first thing to do is call your cell phone provider and ask them to set up a cap on your monthly data usage. This is usually free to have done by your service provider, as it gives them more control over how much bandwidth you use per month.

Ways to Avoid Costly Wireless Services

As with many of its rivals, T-Mobile offers a base plan that features unlimited talk and text, and data for $70 per month. However, you can save $10 each month by paying your bill every three months and enrolling in auto-pay (you’ll save another $5 if you pay your bill via direct debit). There’s also an option to add unlimited LTE data for an extra $10 per month. If you sign up for autopay and paperless billing, that additional fee is waived.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I partially pay my Metro PCS bill?

Partially paying your Metro PCS bill, or paying only a portion of it, is easy. If you pay online, click on Pay my bill from your account page and select how much money you want to pay. Next, enter your PIN (which is on your phone), enter how much money you wish to pay, and click on Continue. A partial payment is always added to what’s already owed at that time unless it’s for $100 or more, in which case a new price due date will be created for future installments.

Does MetroPCS offer extensions on phone bills?

If you’re having trouble paying your phone bill on time, you might have heard that some carriers offer extensions on due dates. You can see if there are any offers or promotions that could make it easier to pay off your bill in full. If a carrier doesn’t offer an extension, call them and explain why you couldn’t pay your bill on time. 

Most organizations will work with you to get things back on track. For example, suppose your car broke down, and you couldn’t get to work for two weeks. In that case, there should be options available from most wireless providers, such as allowing you to pay only for service delivered instead of late fees or letting you skip a month without being penalized for it.

Does Metro offer deals to existing customers?

While Metro may not have any official promotions, it’s worth calling to see if they’re willing to cut you a deal on your next bill. Most of us don’t love being tied down by contracts, but when you’ve already spent money with a company and would like to keep doing so, it doesn’t hurt to try and get some concessions. In most cases, that means asking for gifts or lower rates. You might be surprised at what you can wrangle from a customer service rep—remember that nothing is free, so do some digging first before committing yourself to long-term contracts or expensive add-ons.