A Comprehensive List Of Yamaha Scooty Prices For 2023

yamaha scooty prices

Circa 1955 was when Yamaha formed its bike division and the first product was a prototype of a German design. In the same year, the company went on to participate in the bike racing event, and established itself firmly in this segment.

Now, almost seven decades later, Yamaha scooty price remains one of the most searched items on the Internet, thus proving the brand’s dominance in this segment. Stylish appearance, top-notch performance and an impressive mileage are some factors that render Fascino scooty and other Yamaha bike models popular.

Going ahead, 2023 holds plenty of promise for the brand’s bike segment, with the following models set to dominate the charts – 

Yamaha Aerox 155 –

Hailed as coming-of-age Yamaha model, the Aerox 155 offers a wide range of contemporary features to its users. At more than Rs 1 lac, this scooty also represents the highest point of the Yamaha scooty price spectrum. The bike also breaks free from the traditional scooty design, and sports a sleek and sharp outline, with a prominent spine traversing across the centre of the floor-board. Other external features include an LED head-lamp, digital console with seamless connectivity, and storage space in front and under the seat. 

Provision of hazard lights, effective shock absorbers and 14-inch alloy wheels renders this scooty suitable for all weather conditions and terrains. For someone who holds a relatively high style quotient, and loves adventure, the Aerox 125 is a great option. With the vehicle being not too heavy, or lightweight, or high, it is easy to handle, and is also fuel efficient.  

Yamaha Fascino 125 –

Priced lower than Rs 1 lac, Fascino offers five different variants to choose from while retaining the outward retro look. Like previous Yamaha models, this model sports a curvy exterior, a step-up seat and a grab rail for the pillion. Unlike its predecessors, it comes in 17 colours, thus providing you with the freedom of picking a shade that reflects your preference. Other improvements include a LED headlamp and a USB charger in some variants, not to mention a digital console that facilitates Bluetooth connectivity. 

Budget friendly that the Yamaha Fascino scooty is, it is also sturdy and comfortable. Courtesy of the 125 cc engine, you can enjoy a safe and smooth ride regardless of the distance and quality of roads. Settle into the ergonomic saddle, use the Shimano gears for navigating through the traffic, and rely on the wheel-based combined braking system to come to a sudden halt with minimal jerking. 

Yamaha RayZR 125 –

Striking is how the RayZR 125 appears at first glance, given its unconventional design and unique elements. With its massive air-duct, fly-screen, independent indicators, and a Y-shaped LED lamp, the scooty gives out a distinct sporty vibe. But a feature that renders this Yamaha model truly different is the provision of dual windshield vipers and ABS brakes. Not only do these render the ride safe in wet conditions, but also provide a motorcycle-feel, which is unusual for a scooty. 

Colour-wise, there are three shades to choose from, namely metallic Burgundy which comes in shimmering finish, black in matte finish, and star white in metallic finish. Price-wise, this model is more expensive than the Fascino 125, but is cheaper as compared to the Aerox 155. 

That being said, there are specific features that provide this model with a competitive edge, namely the start-stop button, a spacious under-the-seat storage, and a digital dashboard. By tapping into the Bluetooth connectivity, the rider can gain access to relevant data, like parking records, ride history, and Locate My Vehicle. You can also utilize the same to remain connected with various contacts and answer calls while on the move. 

Final thoughts

Popular that the brand is, the Yamaha scooty price remains spread over a wide margin, thus proving suitable for all pockets. Along the lower rungs in the Fascino scooty, which happens to be a cost-effective yet comfortable option. Priced a bit higher is the RayZR, and this Yamaha model is good value for money owing to the unique set of features that it offers for this price. Settle for the Aerox 155 if you do not have any budget constraints and enjoy the safe and contemporary set-up within a stylish exterior. 

Going ahead, Yamaha intends to launch two new scooty models in 2023, namely the Yamaha NMax 155, and the Yamaha Neo’s. While both are priced higher than the Aerox 155, they are likely to offer features like a powerful engine, self-start facility and a lightweight frame. Given the brand’s ethos of providing safe, reliable, and fun two-wheelers, the new models are likely to echo the latest changes adopted by the company. 

 When buying a new scooty, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure that you make the right choice for your needs. Firstly, you should decide on the size and style of the scooty you require, as well as any specific features that are important to you. 

It’s also important to determine your budget and research different brands and models to find one that fits within your price range. Look for scooties that offer good fuel efficiency and require minimal maintenance, as this will save you money in the long run.