Escape Room Games: The Ultimate Test Of your Intelligence And Creativity

escape room games

The escape room is a new trend that everyone should be aware of. It is a live or physical gaming activity that improves abilities, gets participants hyperactive, boosts confidence, and also helps players’ minds. In an effort to “escape” from the room within a given time limit, players in an escape room must work together to crack a succession of codes and locks. You can find escape rooms everywhere in the world, and they come in all different sizes and shapes. 

Everyone should experience an outstanding escape room once in their lives to challenge their wits, talents, intelligence, and originality while also enjoying a novel experience that is unattainable through other games. Everyone has played virtual escape rooms since they were kids, where you have to use codes to escape the room. However, with escape room games, you can have this ultimate experience in the real world with a new theme, and you may choose the themes that are best for you. You can play these games with your friends, family, coworkers, and others. 

How to test your intelligence and creativity using an escape room- 

In order to complete or solve the problems in the room, you must work together as a team, utilise your intelligence, and communicate with one another. 

While cracking codes or solving puzzles, you must employ both cerebral lobes. The left lobe of the brain excels in logical and analytical reasoning, while the right lobe is more creative. 

The two halves of the brain work together to keep the mind active and aware of its surroundings. In addition, finishing the various tasks an escape room can provide to a player puts them in a different frame of mind. 

Also, taking part in escape room games encourages improved group intelligence. With coworkers, close friends, or even complete strangers, escape rooms force participants to take on leadership and cooperation roles. It teaches players how to take a backseat and follow instructions from another leader as well as how to better understand and learn how to put themselves in a leadership role. 

IQ Escape rooms- 

There are various Your intelligence will be put to the test in IQ escape rooms. The I Q escape room pushes your thinking to the extreme in order to go through in the allotted amount of time. Every second counts in IQ escape challenges; the harder they grow as you advance, so it’s critical to be ready. IQ escape games require you to solve riddles that you have never seen before, which makes your brain function more quickly than ever. IQ puzzles frequently call for non-linear thinking. Make an exchange if you’re having some trouble solving a puzzle and you notice another player is having trouble. 

Also, a person’s innovation can help the squad escape the room as quickly as feasible. A person with creativity in mind has a larger thought process than others. He will be able to think of ways to unlock the codes that are quickest and easiest or shortcuts that are different from the standard approach, which will allow him to apply new methods of solving problems. Although not every member of your team may be an expert in everything, the one who is should focus on the duties that he is good at. 

By requiring players to look for answers that deviate from the logical patterns you would often apply, escape rooms encourage creativity. Participants are also forced to think creatively and take calculated risks in order to test unconventional solutions. You are compelled to abandon unilateral thinking and develop alternate thinking skills by participating in an escape room. 

Alternative thinking and innovation both result in distinctive leadership philosophies. We frequently imagine a leader as someone who directs. Yet, in an escape room, we additionally witness a different kind of leader at work: executives who take on the role of observers and serve as bridges between players who could otherwise become seperated during the game. 

Not only that but participating in these escape rooms boosts your self-confidence and improves your communication skills because you get to know your fellow participants better through interaction and connection. For this reason, escape rooms are appropriate for coworkers as well because employers will introduce their employees to one another, creating a welcoming and collaborative environment in the workplace. An excellent leadership attribute will now emerge, and you will be able to identify which individual possesses it. You will be able to identify which employees are intelligent and creative so you can make use of that talent in your company. 


The ideal way to spend your time, have fun, and have an amazing and adventurous holiday is with escape rooms. You gain from it in a variety of ways, and it improves and develops your skills.