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fashion trends

“Fashion is instant language”. This line is well interpreted with the latest fashion trends coming directly from the 2021 Fashion Week runway. This live-streamed fashion show was no less than a great treat to the fashion enthusiasts’ eyes sitting locked at home. The calendar has changed and so should you change your style too. It’s time to experiment with your cupboard clothes again. 

Though the fashion week persuaded us to adopt various styles, certain styles attracted massive attention, especially the shoes and the attires. Here we have bought a sneak peek of all the latest fashion and trends. Set the seasons of 2021 with the trending styles coming straight from the runaway. Continue reading to make your social media feeds trendy and attractive:

Outfits That Blew Everyone’s Mind

Classic Cool Style that Never Goes “Grey”

Can you stop wearing your trench coat? If the answer is no, we know the reason. Trenches are the simplest and most basic statement to the overall style. And adding a waist belt to it even makes you stand out in a crowd for your style.  

XXL are The New Fits

Loose clothing is trending now it’s time you start buying clothes of your husband or father’s size. Putting a fit coat or jacket over an oversize shirt or top creates an attractive look no one can avoid. Also, the style is too simple to do. 

Big Prints 

What can make spring more lively than bigger, brighter, and bolder prints? Putting plain bottoms on a printed top is outdated, it’s time to rock 2021 spring with print on print. It gives an eye-catching look and reflects the style. 

Different Color Coated Coats

People are more accepting of bright colours and unusual styles this year than ever. Perhaps, it is an optimistic attitude towards the year after the preceding depressive year. That being the matter, single colour and traditional coats, shrugs, and cloaks were always in trend, but here is a new chapter. People are loving bright colours, smeared statement coats in stripes, patchwork, and checks.

Sporty is Always Smarty 

Who could have thought pastels colours would make the sporty look stand out in a pretty way? The athletic look is no longer confined to fit tights, but you can create various looks using loose track pants and oversized track jackets. Start your fitness or sporty voyage with your favourite colour tracks. 


From being suburban grandpa’s colour to the best substitutes for your go-to style, khakis were always the coolest. The current trend with khaki has come in an oversized touch. Whether it’s pants, blazers, sweater, tops, or anything, the trend is to keep it loose and flexible. 


From skinny low waist to straight fits and baggy types, jeans have always been the first love of every fashionable girl. But the current love lies especially in the oversized jeans for the comfort it has. 

Top Trending Shoes 


  1. The reason for cowboy boots to be in trend is that they add some retro and funky touch to your look. It well-justifies the facts that classics never go out of fashion and repeats itself in different ways. Monochrome to colours, these boots go with every style and make you stand out.
  2. Straight leg boots are the best option to match with any style you are pulling off. It keeps you fashionable and warm too.  
  3. Different cuts on the toe and heel area are unique patterns everyone is loving. It is attractive and goes best with pants and denim.  
  4. Combat boots are trending for the toughness and roughness it has in its presentation. It gives a slight 90’s touch and cool outlook. 
  5. Number fifth is contrast toe boot, and it gives you the most stylish person in the room look that best goes with a decorative clutch and loose hairstyle. 

Ornate Heels

Footwear that is capturing the attention of all is ornate heels. Available in gold, silver, crystal and decorative embellishments give the best statement to your overall look.

Kitten Heel Mules

Mules are like your best pair of black loafers that suits every style you pick. It’s elegant, stylish, fashionable, and guess what is in trend too. 

Chunky Sneakers

A stylish pair of sports shoes can help you survive in any fashion trends crises. It’s even better if the shoe is white or black in colour. It makes you look taller and is comfortable. It adds a blended effect of luxury and leisure to your entire style.  

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