Get To Know the Difference Between Genuine & Fake Motorcycle Spare Parts 

The major hindrance in buying motorcycle parts such as masks is that it is hard to tell if the part is the original one or if is it fake. There are actually two forms of buyers; one is always insisting that he uses only genuine parts while the other always prefers buying sub-standard bike spare parts that are cheaper than the original ones. 

In reality, even the original type may eventually get the same spare parts from a dubious onsite supplier if the low price for such spare parts comes with a discount.

Considering such pieces of advice, the deals between consumers and sellers can be made trust-based in their nature.

So, here in this blog, we are sharing important tips you can follow to lay hands on genuine bike spare parts along with the required online bike accessories.

Let’s get started on the same. 

Do check the spare parts packaging

You must read carefully the packaging and be on the lookout for bad grammar; poor grammar is a friend of fakes. Another key point to mention is in order to create consistency you should also make sure that the colour and design of the packaging are the same as other ones you have seen. Package repeat will recur, but colors and design will be entertained slightly.

Stay away from other languages mentioned on parts

Some suppliers of supplies are located in a country where the language is not an international language, which means that their user manuals and technical documentation are written in poor English. Nevertheless, it becomes worse, the worse it is likely to be fabricated one will try to make it more fluent and believable.

Do check the labels 

Examine the country of manufacture which is usually somewhere in small fonts. This will be a good starting point but we can proceed to do more. For this, you can use Google to check whether this country actually produces these parts.

Assure the parts are in symmetry 

Look more closely at the part that it may appear not all are symmetrical, have poorly completed weld, or just a two-minute finish. This type of fraud could be carried out, for example, by getting prepaid cards from people or at ATMs.

Check the font on the labels

Frequently you will observe that fake items will not come with a few of the designs, labels, or signboards that are mostly found in the genuine ones.

Check the unusual packaging

When you are purchasing parts of a genuine supplier that is in selling OEM status, he doesn’t inform you of any changes he might bring to the product or packaging, and if the part you are considering buying is not in same as what were told, do not buy it.

Check if there’s too much discount 

The majority of the manufacturers roughly pitch in with a discount program as a part of their marketing plan, which is fine. But, the onus is on you to be certain if the supplier is extending an incredible amount of discount then be alert. 

Useful Piece of Advice to Buy Bike Spare Parts Online 

Identifying if You Need a Replacement or Upgrade

First of all, it is very important to decide if you’re in need of repair or an upgrade. There are few motorbikes that will not pedal more than 10 years and expensive brands will go longer than twice that if you take care of maintenance also. The best thing is to keep the other parts replacing more often interchangeably.

When simply maintaining your motorcycle, you will frequently come across new parts to replace, like brake pads, batteries, forklifts, bike chains, belts, driveshafts, and many more. Consequently, You get more months of services out of your vehicle.

On the other hand, you can opt for a performance trigger if you want to enhance the potency of your motorcycle further. These can either drag more power, boost the speed, or make the bike handle better.

Verify the product you purchased online is the same 

A very vital factor to always keep in mind while making a motorcycle part purchase is the compatibility issue. Tidy fits can damage the convenience of your motorbike. As a result of this, a newer component is likely to have had a shorter lifespan than its predecessor, which would certainly be undesirable for our long-term goals.

Manufacturers of this part then will have it designed for your motorcycle model only so this will guarantee perfect performance. Make sure you double-check the details of the product before you pick it so that you can keep yourself from spending too much time or being disappointed due to the wrong product choice.

In case you select OEM parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, you will undoubtedly find parts that would suit your vehicle. These motors, chains, and sprockets were part of the package when you bought the motorcycle, so replacing the faulty items with the same components makes sense.

Stay away from sub-standard parts 

While it’s good to find a deal on aftermarket parts, beware of counterfeit motorcycle parts that might not only cost you more in the long run but also compromise your safety on the road.

Undoubtedly, thousands of motorcycle parts are available on the market, but who ensures they are the authentic ones? Some fakes can now be a match to the true product, but you will need to think twice before you spend the money if the price is suspiciously low. Some of the providers will apply the highest prices, thereby, having the most vulnerable people. The fact of the matter is that it’s most recommended to do business deals with renowned merchants.

They can look the same as real parts, but they won’t be of the same quality, and this can lead to both risk for your motorbike and you. To obtain all tips about genuine and fake OEM components, you can learn here on our blog.

The next time you have mechanics working on your vehicle, ask them to consider using reusable parts to cut down on waste and reduce energy consumption.

Consult an automotive professional

If you haven’t a glimmer of an idea with regard to a specific motorcycle part (disc brakes for example), it pays to consult with a professional mechanic or a supplier that you trust. It doesn’t matter whether you want easy-care plants or edible ones, they have both the knowledge and experience to help you find the product that suits you.

If you arrive at the mentioned motorcycle component, you can simply let a certified mechanic assemble it for you. The difficulty of loosening/removing fasteners is one of the complexities of replacing parts, particularly, if you are a beginner. In case you thought, you hired a pro, that means that you will have your bike in good shape and it will be able to run the way it should.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you have learned some tips on selecting motorcycle parts, remember that there’ll be no saddle charging on your fares! The quality should definitely be a priority here because this is the parameter upon which the performance of the bike and the safety of the rider depend.

As far as buying original parts and accessories of Hero bikes and scooters are concerned, you can rely on the eShop Hero Motocorp website. This online platform caters to widespread parts and components requirements of two-wheeler owners. And, ensure they lay hands on genuine products at cost-effective prices.