Knit A Blanket for Your Baby? Here Are 6 Easy & Simple Knit Baby Blanket Patterns for Your Baby to Keep Warm

knit baby blanket

Simple knitting patterns are used to create plain or striped blankets making knit baby blanket the simplest project. Variegated yarn may also be used to add color appeal.

These patterns will inspire you to think outside the box for making your own design work. If you like stripes, checkered patterns, or slip stitch patterns, you will find just what you are looking for, or you will be inspired to try something you have never seen before and end up with a stunning baby blanket. Depending on the type of blanket material that you choose, the blanket becomes either comfortable for your baby, or it gives discomfort. So, choosing the cotton or foam is especially important in this regard.

Knit Baby Blankets with Garter Stitch:

When it comes to simple knitting patterns, garter stitch is always the first thing that comes to mind, and it is also the first stitch that you master.

Garter stitch is a good place to start if you’re looking for simple baby blankets to crochet. This two-color garter stitch baby blanket is knit with two strands of yarn throughout, resulting in a soft, squishy blanket that is also fast to knit. Use stripes to add appeal, but you could also create one in a solid color or with multicolored yarn.

Knit Baby Blankets with Ribs:

This stitching pattern is a step above garter stitch and it simple knit baby blankets project, a stitch pattern that involves knits and purls. Ribbing is a common type of pattern for this type of project, but it isn’t limited to the edging. As an allover pattern, it can be very useful. Checking the knitting style and the color of the strands is very important, as that will make the blanket look more colorful.

Slip Stitching Patterns for Knit Baby Blankets:

Slip stitch knitting is a fast and easy way to add a pop of color without a lot of effort. Multi-colored yard is used in some designs. The yarn is slipped in front of the stitches so that it floats as part of the pattern. The baby blanket is made with a solid color and visible slip stitches on the front, giving it a cabled appearance.

Patterns for Eyelet Blankets:

This is every grandmother’s favorite blanket, and it was inspired by the same-named washcloth pattern, which uses yarn overs to make a blanket’s edging, which is worked from one corner out and back again. The soft baby blanket is a sweet choice with just a few eyelets in the panels.

Knit Baby Blanket for Feet:

Knit a simple baby blanket for your little one with this easy knitting pattern. This knit purl pattern requires circular knitting needles and it is easy to follow even for a beginner knitter to accommodate all of your stitches. You may use stitch markers to keep track of the garter stitch edges.

Knit Baby Blanket with Worsted Moss Stitch:

To practice your moss stitch knitting, try this simple knit blanket pattern. All you need to know to knit and purl. A worsted weight wool yarn is needed for the pattern. These are comfortable and these can also be used for the babies when they are in a crib or cot.


Any project that uses an allover stitch pattern or is worked in panels is perfect for newer knitters because the pattern repeats, so you don’t have to focus as much. Try Ing-credible Threads Designs’ simple knit baby blanket, which alternates stockinet and reverse stockinet with a seed stitch border.

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