5 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn a New Sport This Spring

Kids Learn a New Sport

After a year or so of being cooped up in your homes, it’s time to get your children out of the house. It might be to go on vacation or simply take a hike in a local park. On the other hand, it could be to teach them a new sport. Over 45 million children participate in some organized sport. Perhaps your child is ready to make the move as well. To help, here are 5 ways to encourage your kids to learn a new one this spring.

1. Allow Them to Decide

You might have been the greatest baseball, softball, or basketball player when you were a kid. However, this doesn’t guarantee your child will be the same. You can’t force your choice of sport onto them. In the end, they may hate it and decide not to select another one.

Let them decide on the activity they what to learn. True, it may not be the one you want. It might not even be one you’re familiar with. What you need to do is agree to their decision, as long as it isn’t too dangerous, and encourage them.

3. Employ Technology to Help Them Learn

No matter how high your skillset is in a particular sport, your child may not understand when they try to learn. It could be the difficulty level or, unfortunately, it can be the way you teach it. To help out, you want to employ some modern technology.

Today, this is in the form of an application on your computer or phone. Online companies like V1 Sports make programs to help all levels of athletes in a variety of subjects. For instance, online baseball lessons provide your child with an expanded understanding of batting/pitching stances and the proper ways to field a ball.

3. Be Patient

The hardest thing to do for some parents is to maintain patience. This is especially true when their kids learn a new sport this spring. Though the adult learned much quicker when they took up a sport, their progeny works a lot slower. This results in frustration on both ends.

The best thing a parent can do in this situation is to be patient. They need to realize that their child is not a miniature version of themselves. They have their own ways to do things. They will eventually get to the same result, however, it might take them longer.

4. Send Them to Sports Camp

Your child might be extremely eager to learn a sport this spring. While you can help them to a degree some of the skills they want to learn can be out of your experience realm. In this situation, you want to look into a sports camp.

These are not focused on organized teams. Rather, these camps are for children that want to fine-tune their existing skills while, at the same time, they learn new ones. Sports camp can do wonders for a child’s confidence and resilience.

Talk Them Through A Competition

A great way for kids learn a new sport is to take them to an event. With stadiums and arenas opening for fans, you can take in a baseball game, tennis match, or whatever sport interests your kids.

What you don’t want to do in this situation is to watch it in silence. If your child is truly curious about the sport their interested in, you want to answer any questions they have about what’s going on. When they don’t have one you can still point out certain aspects that they might be involved in as they enhance their interest and skills.

This is a small sample of ways to help your kids learn a new sport this spring. Nevertheless, there’s one major factor that connects them: encouragement. There’s a chance your child’s interest can quickly fade if you don’t express interest and encouragement with them.

Still, you can’t be a helicopter parent as they make this journey. Find ways to move them along if they are still interested but don’t want to do the work to get good at the sport. In other words, be authoritative and kind instead of a harsh authoritarian.

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